Expert Tips on How to Write a Great Speech

how to write a great speech

Palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy. Vomit on his sweater already, mom’s spaghetti. He’s nervous but on the surface he looks calm and ready. Sometimes we feel how Eminem felt, when we’re giving a speech. You find your way up to the podium, clearing your throat, looking down at your notes and you see absolutely nothing on the page – and you’ve forgotten everything you think you wrote, so now you’re in front of a crowd totally caught off guard.  Continue reading

How to Write an Essay with No Mistakes

Essay without mistakes

Everyone knows the life lesson “you learn from your mistakes” and “no one is perfect.” Although these may ring true, there are certain things in life that you should dramatically decrease the margin for errors and mistakes, and school is one of them.  Continue reading

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How to Avoid Plagiarism in your Essay

How to avoid plagiarism

When it comes to writing essays, students find them to be the most daunting task and also the most time consuming. These essays usually weigh heavy on their grades, so they are important to complete with a good mark. Essays are meant to showcase what you have learned and to test your critical thinking skills. You develop your own idea and transform and explain it all the way through to the end, hoping that your reader understood your ideas. Continue reading

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Writing with APA and MLA: What’s the Best?


Once you reach college or university, the level of writing that is expected from you should be quite high. They sometimes teach you this in high-school or junior high, but at a very basic level.  Your professors will demand that your paper be written in a certain format, and your brain might be hurting on figuring out what exactly that means. Continue reading

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How to Effectively Add Citations to your Academic Paper


It’s an undeniable fact: writing academic papers requires sufficient time and effort. This is why students always drag their feet when they have been assigned a writing task. Even those who excel at writing, still moan and groan at the sight of a written assignment. Do you know what’s worse than a writing assignment? Making citations for your writing assignment.  Continue reading

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How to Avoid Overused Words in Your Essay

Overused words

You’ve done it. After hours and hours of toiling over your essay, overnight writing sessions, extensive research, and countless coffees, it’s finally finished. You can almost relax and hand the paper in, but there’s one more step. Just as any good piece of writing, the next step is to get it reviewed, usually by a peer or someone knowledgeable, to check for any mistakes or errors that you might have overlooked. And hm, it seems that your peer has something to say about your essay. Continue reading

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10 Must-Read Books to Improve Writing Skills


Most students would agree that one of the most difficult things to learn at school is actually writing. The struggle is real, trying to write a research paper on the long-standing effects of global warming – or a book report on George Orwell’s 1984 – or even your dissertation on Social Justice for University. Whatever it is, writing isn’t easy, and the good writers know that. There’s a lot of things that separate good writers from the rest — their affinity for the English language, their broad vocabulary range, and even the way ideas seem to fill their mind whenever needed. As most students would agree, some people are just naturally good at writing, right?  Continue reading

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