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Circuit Analysis using the Node Voltage Method

Circuit Analysis using the Node Voltage Method

In this article, we will tell you about one more method of circuit analysis, which is called the Node Voltage Method. It also allows to reduce the calculations and save the time when we do the circuit analysis. Let’s firstly consider the T-circuit scheme from our previous post and solve it with the help of the Node Voltage Method. (more…)

How to Deal With End Of Summer Depression

We’ve been constantly analyzing college trends and usual everyday student topics all around the internet and what we’ve noticed recently is the flood of complaints about the summertime boredom, sadness, and despair in teenagers. It spreads like a virus and by the beginning of a studying year each one risks to end up in depression. What are the reasons for this seasonal frustration and how to avoid it? We are going to discuss. (more…)

Are There Any Useful Viruses Inside Us?

Viruses in Your Body: Harm or Use?

The whole world has been following the news about the most dangerous diseases caused by such viruses as Ebola, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and hepatitis C virus (HCV). Even the word “virus” is associated with something horrible and hazardous, and has nothing in common with lord Varys. Recently scientists have invented a new method for identification of past and current viral disease using only one drop of blood.  But did you know that not all viruses are that bad for us? In fact, scientists have been gathering more evidences about positive effects of some viruses (i.e. herpesviruses) on our health. Recent studies based on new experimental results confirm the importance of retroviruses in the placenta formation and embryonic development. So, let’s talk about what viruses are and what benefits they have. (more…)

6 Years Of Expert Help

Assignment Expert 6
It’s been 6 years since we started to help students from all over the world with their homework. Within this time, our service has turned into a complex mechanism and now it continues to thrive. Nowadays, a sea of raised hands of our experts are ready to assist students with math, physics, engineering, programming, writing and other complicated subjects online. However, only in 2009, everything started with a couple of experts in programming, math, and physics. (more…)

Get Ready For The Solar Eclipse!

Get Ready For The Solar Eclipse!

The Solar Eclipse is coming and lots of us would definitely like to observe it. However, what should we do when we’re neither astronomers nor meteorologists. We do not have special devices to watch the crown of sunbeams around the Moon. Well, don’t get upset immediately, we’re here to show you how not to miss this phenomenon and enjoy it to the full. (more…)

The New Google Game

The New Google Game

For those who’d like to be trendy, Google Corporation has created an online game where users can guess the most popular searches. The correct answers are based on real searches from the real users and you are the one of them. Be sure, it’s more difficult than you can imagine. (more…)

Video Games Help to Increase Student’s Productivity

Video Games Help to Increase Student's Productivity

Recent discoveries in the field of education can’t stop shocking. According to The Irish Times, one of them in the report by Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD),  states that video games help to improve exam performance in both females and males. It’s hard to believe, but every three years tests took place in 64 countries worldwide analyzing 15-year-olds. Jealous that you haven’t been tested, huh? We as well. Let’s at least see the result in figures. (more…)

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