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Archive for the ‘College Life’ Category

How to Minimize Time Spent on Homework in Summer

Do homework at summer

It’s been many years since the necessity of the summer homework packet was first questioned but nothing has actually changed about that for students. Some persistently defend student’s rights to have rest whereas others take the opposing position stating that children will end up with a knowledge loss if they are not given homework at all. (more…)

10 Best Summer Camps in the US for 2018

Best Summer Camp in USA 2018

If there’s anything that excites kids and teenagers more than school vacation, it’s going to a summer camp. This marks the time of year when they can engage in outdoor activities, try out new sports, and make new friends—all while honing their life skills.

Nothing compares to a full day of activities that leave the participants feeling exhausted yet looking forward to the next day for more. While the old summer camps focused on the basics such as ceramics, hiking, and archery, many of the summer camps today offer a wider range of activities. Some even focus on one specific activity such as acting or marine biology. Surely, there’s a great summer camp out there for everybody. (more…)

How Being One with Nature Beats Exam Stress

Nature like exam anti-stress

Being a student means being stressed. Stress rains down on you from different factors like socialization, family, personal life and studying on the top of them all. And the culmination of all academic stresses is the exam stress coming out from the moment the teacher announces the date of your exam and all the tension, anxiety and panic build up. (more…)

12 Tips to Pass Your Exam with Little Time to Study

Prepare for exam

Is there an important exam right around the corner? You might be starting to panic, thinking that there’s no way for you to get a good grade considering the little time left to study. This is something virtually all students deal with at one point or another. There’s also a good chance that this isn’t the first time you need to cram for an exam. But you should accept the fact that you have to take the exam no matter how much you’d want to skip it. (more…)

What If You No Longer Want to Attend College?

Go to college or not

“I’m going to get my degree, build a successful career, and earn a lot of money!”

This is what many high school students tell themselves when looking forward to attending college. You probably belong to the same category. But not long into your college stint, you find yourself completely lost. You don’t even know why you’re there in the first place. (more…)

When is Homework Too Much

Do you ever feel that you are working thrice the number of assignments that you should? Sometimes you feel so swamped with homework you have to bring home that it feels like you have no more free time to spend for yourself and for your friends and family? (more…)

Why There Shouldn’t Be Homework During Winter Break

Stop Assigning Homework Over the Winter Break

Ever experienced feeling so excited about the winter break but your professor suddenly assigns packets of worksheets? It’s safe to say that pretty much all students have had that one professor who doesn’t seem to understand the concept of vacation. (more…)

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