How to Spend the Last Days of Summer

Last days of summer

Dread it, run from it, the end of summer arrives all the same. And now it’s here. It’s finally August. Summer festivals are wrapping up, kids from camp are returning home, stores are putting out “Back to School” sales, and soon enough the new academic school year will begin. Some have weeks but some have days left until their summers abruptly end. Students are scrambling to find the time to do everything in their power to enjoy these last moments, but also prepare for the storm that is school. Fret not, we’ve got all the best ideas to make the most of your remaining time on summer vacation. Continue reading

How to be Cool for the Summer

Summer relaxation

Summer is the time most people relax and take a break from real life for a bit. You can sit back and not worry about so many things and spend time doing what you want to do. The sun invites us to come outside, the beach is calling us to take a dip in the water, and our friends are asking us to have a drink or two. With so many things happening in summer, it can be crazy trying to figure out what to do. Luckily, we’ve created a list of the most “summer-y” things to do to reach maximum levels of relaxation! Continue reading

Are Exams Harmful to Your Health?

Exams harmful to your health

One week between you and the freedom of summer. One week of pulling all-nighters, too many cups of coffee, mental breakdowns, and the ultimate procrastination. Finals week is upon you and you are not at all prepared for what is about to come. The Night is dark and full of cramming, but is this standard of studying overrated? Is it effective? Is even good for your health? Some may argue there is not other way to assess someone’s knowledge, while others have their reservations about stressful examinations. Continue reading

How to Motivate Yourself to Study?

Having the freedom to do whatever you want to and whenever you want to is liberating. But just as anyone else, we have responsibilities to take care of in our daily lives. Students especially have tons of things that need constant attention and it’s not so easy to juggle everything at once like school work, exams, work, social life, finances, and family.

But we understand priorities and it leads us to put homework and exams at the top of the list, as much as we don’t feel like doing it. So how do we decide whether to binge-watch Game of Thrones or open your textbook and study for your mid-term? Continue reading

Why College Is Making Me Depressed and What Can I Do About It?

Сollege depression

College depression is a rising problem among students. Psychologists believe that this widespread issue is often the reason for many students committing suicide. Thousands of students every year go through this phase where they feel lonely, sad, anxious, isolated, and overwhelmed all at the same. Although the reasons may be different, mental health experts think that it has mostly to do with the fear that they would not fare well in their exams and would not get a good job after leaving school. Continue reading

6 Types of Students Teachers Don’t Like

students type teachers dont like

Anyone who has attended school will agree that teachers often show preference over certain students for one reason or another. It is not that the teacher is biased with anyone; it’s just that the teacher does not like the way some of the student’s study or pay attention in class.  Continue reading

How Smart Students Spend Their Winter Break

Winter break

If you’re like the average student, you consider winter break as a time to free your mind from all your school worries, enjoy some quality time with friends and family, and perhaps return to your alter ego—you know, the one that spends countless hours sitting on the couch watching pointless TV shows while munching on junk food. It’s perfectly acceptable to do things not related to school at all, but smart students know how to use the winter break to get some much-needed rest while staying productive at the same time. Continue reading