Why Am I A Bad Student?

Why Am I A Bad Student?

The moment you’ve entered the education system is the moment you start to realize that, although studying is extremely important, the lessons you learn in the classroom go beyond academic materials. But while you are young and a student you start to have tunnel vision and everything seems so closed off to you, life becomes overwhelming and school takes a toll on your mental health.  Continue reading

How to Make Your Hours of Studying Productive

How to Make Your Hours of Studying Productive

You may be familiar with the poignant phrase, “Work smarter, not harder.” Now, this could mean plenty of different things, but when you’re a student and you’re crunched for time – this only means one thing: BE PRODUCTIVE! One of the major roadblocks of university students is that they often find themselves wasting time. They carry their bad habits from high school into college, and never shake it off. College is a different beast altogether, and should be treated in such a way in order to not get blindsided by all of your homework and studying. Continue reading

How to Optimize your Winter Break Studying Routine

Winter Break Studying

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! There’ll be much hollying and jollying, but there will also be plenty of stressing out about the upcoming semester as well. Final exams have mostly been completed, essays and projects have met their deadlines, so students on their winter holiday should be focused on relaxing and chilling with their friends and family during the holiday season. But there is also plenty of work and studying to be done before the next semester begins, and this is a complete drag. No worries though, there are a number of things to optimize your couch potato schedule and your busy bee schedule to make it all work together. Continue reading

Are Some Students Unteachable?

Unteachable student

Sometimes it seems like school can be a drag and the biggest waste of time for students. Either they’re stuck and aren’t learning much, or they’re just not motivated to do anything anymore. The idea that some students are “unteachable” is an opinion growing among educators and students alike, but because of the advancement of technology and an ever-changing society, the idea of education and learning has evolved just as well. Continue reading

Effective time management plan to improve your studies

Time management plan

College and University are a time for life experience and fun, as well as a time for development and growth. This is the time students are supposed to figure out what in life is important to them and what they can let go of. But most often, students worry about the homework and passing classes as well as balancing their social and work lives at the same exact time. Some people think that university is a trying time, where it weeds out those who aren’t prepared or ready for real life just yet. There are several things that lead to such overwhelming feelings and enormous amounts of stress, but there is just one defining skill that can separate one from the rest of the pack. This skill, time management, is a life-long skill that can continue to be used throughout life, and is especially important to a student.  Continue reading

How to Balance Your Programming Course and Life

How to balance Your Programming Course and Life

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. A common saying amongst the working class and especially students, still holds true today. The amount of time and practice needed to perfect or master something is a lot, some say is 10,000 hours, some say even more. But as a student, who really has 10,000 hours to spare if they’re out just trying to live their best life? Continue reading

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How to Deal with Back to School Stress and Anxiety

Back to School COVID Stress and Anxiety

During this unprecedented time, people all around the world have had to change the way they live to accommodate safety rules to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. This global pandemic has had a major impact on almost everything, from the economy to healthcare, and from education to socializing. It has already caused a major recession in many countries, forcing business and schools to close down for a few months to contain the virus, which has also led to several other consequences.  Continue reading

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