Myths about the Work

Myths about the Work

Sometimes, on the way of building a career there are plenty of obstacles. It is not always enough to get an education, gain solid work experience or be non-contentious person. Each new team is a new “family”, which has its own unwritten rules. To be able to become a part of this “family”, to prevent a lot of mistakes, you just have to believe in yourself and do not believe in silly myths about work.

What is the quickest way to reach the top of the pyramid career?

1. If you leave the workplace later than others – you will get the promotion sooner

Generally, people believe that leaving work last, they will attract the attention of the management as executive and hardworking employees. However, such behavior is only a suspicion that employees do not have time to perform the necessary amount of work during the day, and therefore are late. Accordingly, there are doubts about their competence and abilities. Of course, sometimes it is necessary to stay longer on the job, but do not do it every day.

2. Don’t differ from others

If you want to reach the career heights, it is necessary to show own originality. The unwritten rule of “follow the crowd” is not working. In the first place, the next stage of career belongs to the one who stands out among his colleagues. Try to be unlike the others, but too differ from the team is also not necessary.

3. The main thing is being professional

To be a good professional is not enough in order to become a successful employee, but simply to help others is also important. Just find out what they want, and try to help them do this. Provide support services. You always have to be open to other people. This is especially important for managers. When you have a problem, you are sure to be helped. And all this will be on a voluntary basis.

4. The boss is always right

Often employees think so. Of course, with higher ranks it is better not to argue, because, first of all, it is unprofitable for you. But if you notice that the boss is wrong and does not want to accept it or listen to opinion of other people, do not argue, and it is better to find another solution to the problem. Just support him, and then made in your own way. Finally, if your solution is correct, then no claims will be.

5. No dress-code – no rules

Rigid dress code is not held everywhere, but certain rules are obligatory in all organizations, without exception. If the company, where you work, does not have a rigid dress code, you shouldn’t relate to your clothes without proper attention. Your appearance should always match the mood of the employee: abstain from calling makeup, bright colors, too short skirts and low-cut blouses. If you look too challenging, then you have to forget about the rise on the career ladder.

6. Close relationships is important

Some of the girls mistakenly believe that if she has close relationship with a boss or co-workers, she can quickly make a successful career. Of course, sometimes it helps. But it is better to give up that idea, and only rely on own forces. Close relationships with the boss can quickly become frustrated, and then there’s no guarantee that your career will not crash, and the reputation in the team will suffer. Typically, in such situations, the girls have to change jobs.

7. Frequent change of job will make you worse

First there was a view that it is easier to move up the career ladder, if to work in one place for a long time. Many people thought that the work is necessary to be changed only when without it they can’t do. Keep in mind that it is not necessary to constantly change the work, but stay in the same company for many years is also not recommended. Frequent change of work is one of the best ways to maintain a constant passion and personal growth that are beneficial for your career. According to statistics, between 18 and 30 years people change about 8 jobs. This means that employers have little choice hiring people who change jobs frequently. Try a lot of jobs!

8. You are not blamed – beware

If the boss does not express dissatisfaction about your activities, do not think that he/she is completely satisfied. Of course, it is likely that you do your job really impeccable. What if it’s still a sign of lack of attention to you? Maybe you just stopped paying attention of superiors to your personality by the eccentricity and you do not stand out against your colleagues? In these circumstances there is a risk that during staff reduction you will be fired or demoted. So do not let your boss to forget about you!

So, if you want to reach the top of the career pyramid, you should only rely on your own forces, to try to be a competent person and ensure that the management could not find fault with your work. This is the key to success of any person who wants to become a leader of a slave. And most importantly, let the myths about work remain a myth.

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