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Will Space Become More Available?

Will Space Become More Available?

This year we celebrate the 55th anniversary of the first spaceflight.  Has the space become more available for the humankind since that time? Well, actually, it hasn’t. Let’s consider that we send the rocket with payload to the Low Earth orbit to maintain, say, the International Space Station. How much would it cost in US dollars per kilogram to send it on the Low Earth orbit nowadays? Let’s see what calculations we have. (more…)

How many times a day do you use RFID technology?


Each of us at least a few times per week uses a smart card in transport, a typical power door locker or, so-called, transponder, for an office door or a car. These devices can be considered an essence of the era of radio technologies. Let us speak how they work and where the corresponding technology is used also. (more…)

Is Fiber Optics Really the Most Protected Element of Networks?

Is Fiber Optics Really the Most Protected Element of Networks?

Fiber optic networks are now the most popular way to communicate over long distances. This is due to their huge bandwidth (more than 10 Gb/s) and low signal attenuation over long distances. However, one of the main advantages until recently was considered the localization of signal within the waveguide core and the practical impossibility of tapping and eavesdropping of the signal by hackers. Is it really an impossible task at the current development of technology? Let’s find out. (more…)

How Geometric Design of Roads Works


Many students have cars nowadays and, surely, going on holiday with friends, they choose the most secure route to their destination. Everybody will agree that it is much more convenient to drive on the “smooth” road with good visibility and without sudden turnings.  Such roads are common now, but they have not always been that way. (more…)

Can my Mobile Cook an Egg? Hardly ever!

Egg on mobile phone

Although all representatives of modern technologies have more advantages than negative sides, you have to mind the implicit harm they emit. Just imagine how much it matters if two smarties can  cook an egg (according to this article). Wanna your brain scramble?.. Yup, take your mom away from the screen as she’ll definitely take away your phone. But wait, is it reality or just a trick? Here we’re going to destroy this myth made up by amateurs. Our team of experts has conducted a research for those guys who enjoy daily talking on the phone. Simple calculations we’re going to show will convince you of the fact that your gadget is not that harmful.  (more…)

How Planes Fly

Do you know how the planes fly? The physics of this process is the subject of our article. Of course, a plane is rather complex object and getting it in the air takes a bit of “rocket science” involved; thus, we should start with something simpler. Everybody knows how draft slaps doors. Sharp bangs happen when a fast flow of air goes through the door gap. This phenomenon is explained by Bernoulli’s principle, which is represented in liquids and gases. (more…)

Tesla Coils, Cans, Bottles and Other Ideas for College Christmas Tree

College Christmas decorations

Christmas is around the corner and everyone is thinking about presents and decorations (unless you still have finals to pass..). Traditional glass ornaments and laces are adorable; however, if you’re bored with this stuff (or simply don’t have any at the dorm), you can create decorations for college in modern way, using almost everything, the only limitation is your imagination. Some science lovers cannot go without science even on holidays and thus yield sometimes strange, or even crazy ideas and hand-made implementations. We don’t recommend you to construct the foregoing stuff at home, as without understanding of physics and proper safety arrangements this could turn into troubles. If you are not a physics lover, proceed to other ideas for Christmas trees in this article. So look! (more…)

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