Perfect Teacher through Students’ Eyes

Ask any student, what teachers train them and you will hear many complaints: lectures are boring, low marks are put; their explanations are incomprehensible, etc. But among all the other teachers the student will play favorites to the one teacher who in his eyes is the perfect, because he was able to win the respect and confidence. But the problem is that such teachers are rare samples. What features should have a perfect teacher through the student’s eyes? Let’s see, what is prized above all else.

Age, sex, and appearance

Ironically, many teachers believe that these are important factors for students. In fact, they do not play any role. Even a very nice teacher, a young man or woman, cannot hold the attention of students on a more than one lecture, if he/she is not able to interest in subject.


Sociability is important for the student. A good teacher is a good psychologist. It is usual when teachers, former students, better find a common language with the students than graduates. If a person loves people: family, relatives, friends and acquaintances, it will be no problems for him to treat others with kindness, warmth and understanding. The main thing is to learn to communicate and understand students.


Today it is considered that the students do not pay attention to polymath. Erudition and comprehensive knowledge of teachers should strike while inspiring students to receive more information in general and a specific subject in particular. If the teacher is able to present his subject, tell interesting facts and not just teach dry lecture, he will be able to hold and control the audience, as well as the interest of students. It is very interesting to listen to teachers who give great variety of examples, describe the different situations that occur in connection with events or people in question in class.

Kind of presentation

This holds a crucial part in understanding and remembering. Every teacher should be a great orator. You can say again that eloquence – it is a talent, and someone has it, and some do not, but let’s remember Demosthenes. He wanted to speak well and worked a lot on him, as a result – the memory about him as a great speaker stays till today. Diction and quiet loud voice are particularly important for the lecturer. In order to have in the auditory during lessons more trusting and relaxed atmosphere, there must be necessary connection between the student and the teacher that is most often achieved with a small pause during a lecture when a student takes a break from constant writing, and lecturer says something interesting or amusing, so we can conclude about the sense of humor of the teacher.

What the teacher wants to teach students

It is impossible to remember all lectures all your life. The student must be taught not only to gain ready knowledge, but be able by himself to extract the most relevant information and sift the unnecessary one. So it may be what the student knows does not always matter, but what system of knowledge he has, and whether he will gain the knowledge and interpret them correctly – does matter.

Famous American lector and writer Dale Breckenridge Carnegey has developed psychological courses on self-improvement, effective communication skills, presentations and more. His books remain popular to this day and his principle was that there are no bad people. He was talented lector and orator because was able to mix teaching process with people behavior and psychology.

Summarizing, it can be said that the teacher must first be an interesting person. Thus, teachers’ main qualities are sociability, polymath, professionalism in the business, eloquence (fluency in language, logic, diction, humor, etc.) and ongoing work on him. When the teacher is an interesting person, then it will be an interesting subject of science, not routine lectures.

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