Useful Resources For Studying Chemistry Easy

Useful Resources For Studying Chemistry Easy

Chemistry is a complex science describing the structure of our world – from tiny electrons to huge stars. Everyone is studying chemistry while being in a high school, college or university. Studying chemistry may give you a lot of pleasure while learning a lot of interesting things that surround you: what elements or compounds make up everything, how they interact and how this knowledge is used in modern technologies or medicine. But the process of studying chemistry requires a lot of time, effort and good educational resources. There are a lot of websites that can help you ease your learning: books, tutorials and even virtual chemistry labs. Here is a brief review of several helpful resources.

Chemistry studying requires reading, understanding and memorizing of a huge amount of information. To be a good chemist or to pass chemistry exams, you must know theoretical data as well as possess good lab skills. Internet resources can help you in both aspects of studying chemistry. There are a lot of textbooks and tutorials giving detailed explanations in different chemistry fields. But if you need more visual explanations and description you can use video lessons. Khanacademy service contains hundreds of educational videos in general and organic chemistry. KhanAcademyInteresting lectures made in a simple manner explain basic principles in chemistry and teach you how to solve chemical problems and equations, how to use chemistry laws or how to give names for complex organic compounds. If you are interested in improving your knowledge and skills, you prefer listening to reading, then this resource is for you.

If you need a solid resource for studying you may try chemistry course from They provide material from middle school to more advanced college-level chemistry.

Can you imagine chemistry without a periodic table? It is not only the list of chemical elements but a powerful tool that can tell much information about each element. It describes all basic similarities and differences between elements. If you know how to use the periodic table, you know how to deal with chemistry. Here we recommend an interactive and dynamic periodic table with great opportunities. This resource is available in 50 languages. For each element, you can find several links containing useful information (properties, atom structures, isotopes), photos, interesting videos. Furthermore, it contains a list of compounds for each element. Only several clicks can tell you everything about any chemical element.


Work with chemical compounds requires good spatial imagination. Besides, sometimes there is a need to visualize complex structures in 3D. There are a lot of software that can be used for visualizing 3D models for molecules. For example, freeware one is ACD/ChemSketch for drawing 2D and 3D models and their basic analysis. An online tool called A Virtual Molecular Model Kit  can also help you to model or analyze compounds.ACD-ChemSketch

Of course, chemistry cannot exist without experiments. Some resources give you a possibility to conduct experiments using virtual labs or simulators. This is a good way of visualizing a chemical process and understand it using only several clicks. ChemCollective resource contains several interesting virtual labs in stoichiometry, thermochemistry, acid-base chemistry, oxidation/reduction and electrochemistry and analytical chemistry. Moreover, this site also provides you with tutorials, tests and amazing simulation in mentioned chemistry topics. Also, for practicing chemistry experiments, you can use interactive simulations in physical chemistry or PhET interactive simulations in general and quantum chemistry: more than 50 exciting virtual experiments for studying and having fun at the same time.

One more powerful resource is a chemical portal called WebQC. Lists of chemical calculators and tools, news and tutorials, molecular editors and even chemical equation balancer are available for free and are easy to use. Another portal with multiple chemical resources is LearnChemistry: worksheets, tutorials, quizzes, games, experiments and simulations.

Useful chemistry apps for iOS: Molecules in three-dimensional renderings from Sunset Lake Software and ReactionFlash – the app covers over 650 hundred named chemistry reactions.

Except all of these useful resources, there is our service that is ready to help you with chemistry homework. Our specialists in chemistry can answer all your questions anytime, so get your  Chemistry Answers for free or submit any type of the tasks.  Our experts will immediately contact you and offer help with your homework or any other sort of question in chemistry. 

Studying chemistry can be really easy and interesting with the help of multiple resources, software and mobile application. Educational video lectures and practices contain simplified materials with explanations. 3D and 2D modeling resources can help you to visualize molecular world while colorful virtual experiments and simulations help you to practice in chemistry labs for understanding complicated chemistry process. Try your best to understand the world of chemistry and you will love it. But if you have any complications, we are always ready to help you.

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