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What If I Have a Bad Teacher?

What If I Have a Bad Teacher?

When you get too complicated homework, who do you blame? When you fail a test who is the first person you get mad at? When you don’t have free time on your weekend, what is the main object of your hatred? Yeap, poor teacher, nobody else. But are all the teachers really responsible for your bad mood and spoilt rest?

If you think that every teacher on earth is really that bad, cool down as this view is almost traditional even in most of the parents. Usually, the more homework you get, the worse your teacher becomes, huh? Then how about Hong Kong children, should they simply refuse from going to school with all that terrible amount of hw and stress? Now, compare that burden to yours and sigh with relief.

Ok, we all know that teachers simply do their work and assign as much as they have to and it does not make them bad (heartless – maybe, but not bad). You, obviously, have asked at least once whether they think that their subject is the only one in the curriculum. The answer is no; they simply give you that number of tasks hoping (really hoping) that you will do all of them. Thus, they make a conclusion, who in your class is A-student and who is not going to take it serious. It is natural that not everyone will do the whole amount of homework at once and your teachers know it. This doesn’t make them your enemies, there’s absolutely another category of such people who are less competent.

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