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It’s been 6 years since we started to help students from all over the world with their homework. Within this time, our service has turned into a complex mechanism and now it continues to thrive. Nowadays, a sea of raised hands of our experts are ready to assist students with math, physics, engineering, programming, writing and other complicated subjects online. However, only in 2009, everything started with a couple of experts in programming, math, and physics.

With the soon increase in the number of tasks, we started searching for specialists on various freelance marketplaces, which comprised skilled writers ready to work remotely. To join our expert staff, each new-comer had to pass a special test before getting down to write academic papers. Thus, today there are more than 800 professionals in all possible discipline and you can watch it below:


The effectiveness of our services comes up to 98.1% successfully done tasks in 2014. How have we managed to achieve this success so quickly? The answer resides in scrupulous work of our team and the desire to improve our service to satisfy all our customers. 1.5% of problematic tasks constitute the  wrongly placed tasks and misunderstandings (so always check twice whether you’ve uploaded all the needed files), while the deadline failure equals to only 0,4%. Thus, now we try to clarify every detail from the customer thus working on the reduction of the percent of unsuccessful assignments as our main aim is to raise Assignment Expert company to the highest level of quality.

Quality control

Our system presupposes several stages of quality control with additional inner deadlines, automatic reminders and distribution to operators and in-service experts aimed at further examination of each work. The nucleus of our company consists of these in-service specialists in different spheres who help remote experts, check their accomplished papers for mistakes and plagiarism before sending them to the customer, control the deadline and can even intercept the works in an emergency case. Secondary control procedure which prevents you from low-grade works, and probably, this is why trust of our customers rises with each season and by now we deliver more than 8k assignments per year:

Our services and activities

The main peculiarity of our service is the fact that we are not only we-do-your-homework company, but an educational portal free for students anytime, which includes lots of educational elements:

  • We prepare detailed explanations for every assignment so that students could easily understand what is meant in the work and have a possibility to solve the similar tasks by themselves.
  • In free Q&A (Questions and Answers) section, students can ask questions and get answers from our experts within a short time. Moreover, the answered questions are published on our website as well and are available for everyone, so go and find what you need in any subject or ask your own question online for free!
  • Blog of our website offers plenty of interesting facts, scientific articles, tips, and news.
  • We’ve been trying to actively participate in the social networks to make your access to our service as easy as possible, thus we have helpful pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr.
  • We develop Homework Community on Google+ where we answer student’s questions and help them with homework for free. There you can also find our entertaining and educational pages: Assignment Expert, Math, Physics, Programming, Writing, Engineering, ChemistryBiology, and Questions.
  • Some of our smart guys and lecturers shot video tutorials and post them on Assignment Expert YouTube channel. Yup, we can prepare you for the whole course in math! Here are some of those commentaries from our video lectures that motivate us to move further this way

“everything crystal clear within 3 minutes! thanks a lot for this example and the explanation!”

Pranshu Verma

“really thanks you save me. i understand what is gamma function and how i solve the examples”

Nini Diaa

“thank you sooooo much, we just learnt this at university, i did not understand the lecturer at all, your method made is so much easier to understand thanks”

Charles Osei

We are also very concerned about our reputation and are not afraid to ask for your feedback. You help us to understand both our advantages and drawbacks and improve the quality of our service.

Prompt and Effective Service

And not only students thank us for being homework-helpers number one, but also their parents


All these unique features of our service serve as hallmark of quality and reliability  that is once more proved by the high number of successfully done assignments per year.

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