How to minimize homework stress?

No homework stress

Researchers have found out that homework overloads can lead to serious health disorders, lack of balance and even alienation from social activities. “Our findings on the effects of homework challenge the traditional assumption that homework is inherently good,” wrote Denise Pope, a senior lecturer at the Stanford Graduate School of Education. According to the recent data, up to 56 percent of the students considered homework as primary source of stress, in contrast to 43% naming tests as a primary stressor. Thus, homework, despite it’s supposed to be done at home or library with ability to use everything up to your friends’ copybook, is more stressful than tests! That’s definitely something to think about! That’s why a growing number of schools across the US are banning after-school assignments to lessen stress on students and their families. 

homework stress

It isn’t the primary goal of homework to stress you to death. It’s hard to believe, but assignments are given to you not to keep you from sports activities or spending time with friends, but to help you in learning and digesting the material. Too bad that initial good intentions result in such sad consequences. Quality is important, not the quantity – that’s the point some teachers should be aware of. And our goal today is to provide you with tips how not to become a stressed wreck

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and at the same time do something of your homework.

So, let’s get started. How to overcome homework stress without huge amounts of antidepressants? Besides, some of such drugs cause sleepiness and we all know that homework, especially complicated or boring one, lulls better than any drugs and there’s no need to increase this factor. Follow a few simple tips and you’ll soon get all the work done.

1. Snack beforehand
First of all, never do your homework when you’re hungry. If you had last meal during lunch time and now it’s well after pm, at least get a snack. Well-fed person has more energy and focuses easier. Make sure to have a healthy snack before starting homework. After all, you can even take some sweets with you to treat yourself while studying. Remember that sugar increases brain activity.

2. Time-manager
Write down everything you’re assigned, putting all the necessary details, due dates, and stuff. Use a notebook or a homework schedule app (there are a lot of them these days, choose the one which suits you best. For example, this). This will allow you to do just what’s required in time.

Homework time planner

Moreover, try to plan each week beforehand. It takes you around 20 minutes to see what stuff is needed and when, thus, you don’t have to wake up at night to prepare to the test you’ve forgot about.

Furthermore, firstly do the easiest excercises to save time. Putting intricate tasks to the first place may strain you to breaking point from the very beginning.

Besides, proper planning will help to avoid such things:


3. A habit
Develop a habit for doing homework which will fit you and your family members and stick to it. The key to having a stress-free after school time is having a regular routine after school. State the time for homework each day throughout the week, depending on your activities and other things.

4. Keep supplies handy
Store the stuff needed for homework in a certain place. This means you won’t be running for pens or pencils, paper, etc. each day you need to do homework. This will allow you to save lots of time. Start preparing tasks right away instead of searching for your things.

School supplies

5. Crescendo effect
This term is used to show the proggresive increase in intensity. Normally it is used in music, however, we recommend to remember this while tackling with assignments. Abandon the practice of postponing homework till the last night and better do major tasks (essays, tests labs, etc.) with increments. For example, you’re assigned to write an essay. Rather than trying to write the whole paper in one night, prepare just the thesis statement the day it was assigned. Next complete the intro, then the first body paragraph and so on. You won’t be in need to burn the midnight oil until 3 am finishing the work and, thus, skipping sleep and getting to school sick.

Follow these few steps and you’ll see the difference! Summing up, the key point of avoiding homework stress is good planning. Don’t procrastinate till the last minute, take your time and the results will soon cheer you up!


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