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Once Russian field marshal Suvorov advised his soldiers to “keep their feet in warmth but head – in cold”. However, we tend to treat this quote skeptically and put on warm hats with ear-flaps in chilly weather. In fact, head takes on average 8.86% of body’s surface and 20.2% of convective heat loss. Blood vessels’ location and thermal-physical properties (an uneven surface of face) explain this high heat exchange and make us feel cold even in the warmest clothes. Nevertheless, the question is how to protect our heads from cold.

In 1980’s scientists worldwide made a paradoxic discovery: the head doesn’t need enhanced thermal isolation. Even the cloth cap can become a reliable barrier on the way of heat transfer. This outcome fuels useful practical recommendations: headwear should be appropriate to particular weather conditions, and not too warm at the same time. “Hot hat” is:

  • Waste of heat-shield material
  • Additional load
  • Overheat that can cause runny nose and make you catch a cold
  • Lack of vivacity, working capacity, and clear thoughts


Moreover, American scientists from Washington University have found proof to the fact that increase of human brain occurred after the global decrease of temperatures after the Ice Age. It follows that we are who we are due to temperature decrease! It’s known that around 2.5 million years ago the average size of a man grew from 600 ml to a liter. According to scholars, it was a natural process. The thing is that the main obstacle for the human brain, high air temperature, disappeared. 

Not many folks know that during the motionless state half of energy produced by an organism is spent on the work of brain. Thus, there appears a lot of heat radiation which brain has to get rid of. Analysis of heat generation in the brain taken from Homo Habilis (the present day man’s foregoer) showed that hot weather conditions were suitable for his brain. Finally, researchers tried to calculate what decrease of temperatures was required to free modern man’s brain from excessive heat. They stated that 1 degree C was enough.

It appeared that low temperatures allow the brain of modern man to practice what he aims at, no matter whether it is a crossword or your assignment in Algebra. Nowadays, the population in regions with anomalously high temperatures suffers from a complex of problems such as depression, apathy, vestibular vertigo, dehydration, and other factors that influence our brain severely. Lucky you are if you don’t live there. Thuswise, don’t forget to take off your hat before doing homework next time. In case this won’t help, try ice.


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