How Not to Forget Everything over Summer Break

It’s been summer already and you wish you didn’t hear a word about college in the next two months. But on the other hand, you don’t want to forget everything you’ve learned during the year so as not to lose your face. In fact, summer is quite a productive time for your brain, and we’re going to show you the way how to plan your summer to both refresh your knowledge without any extra effort and improve your progress by September not to fall behind.

Have you ever heard of National Summer Learning Association (NSLA)? Wait, don’t start hating those guys immediately. Their main statement is, “All young people experience learning losses when they do not engage in educational activities during the summer,” nothing new, as you see. But what amount of losses are we talking about? Here’s another fact: over 100 years, research shows that students typically get lower grades on standardized tests at the end of summer than they get on the same tests at the beginning of it. So, if you don’t revise it, a piece of information, even the simplest one, may fall into oblivion by the end of your vacation and you can neither identify what is to be forgotten nor control this process. But good news – there’s a solution!


Do I have to do homework to keep everything in mind?

Of course, some good people have invented summer homework to prevent you from such memory tricks. But what if it keeps following you everywhere you go and you have plenty of assignments to complete by the end of the summer? Obviously, you’re fed up with it. OK, let’s perceive homework as simple help for your brain not to get frozen. Probably, you have never thought about the fact that the first month of each college year is mostly devoted to… revision! Just imagine how much time you spend for the things you’ve learned previously, but have forgotten. And not only you – everyone around you. You may have spent that time in a more useful way. Anyway, even if our motivation doesn’t work and eventually you decide not to do any kind of homework during summer, you still have to help your brain. Meanwhile, you can turn to our service all the boring stuff and our experts will be glad to help you anytime.

Brain rubber

 Is there any other way to remember?

Let’s see what could be done to keep you ahead in summer. First, don’t forget that no matter whether you have summer HW or not, you should have a rest for a week or two doing nothing; you deserve it. But then get started.

  • Take revision in small portions and spend only half an hour a day exercising your memory. Be those math or language problems, try to solve at least one of them or check out our tips on how to have fun training your brain.
  • Turn brain drain into brain gain. Do assignments which you consider interesting or helpful for yourself (those will stay in your memory longer).
  • Set a meeting with friends where you’ll discuss what you don’t want to forget during summer and ask each other the most complicated questions from your studying program you can ever imagine. Find out the answers to them together.
  • The simplest thing is when you don’t want to forget a foreign language. Just have fun watching a TV show or a movie in Spanish, French, Chinese or whatever you learn as your second (or third?) language. Moreover, if you note down unknown words and memorize them, you have all chances to surprise your teacher with new items in your vocabulary at the beginning of a studying year.
  • If you’re looking for a summer job, why not take tutoring to children? This is how you can not only get some money but also revise material all the time.
  • And finally, don’t forget to take a book with you everywhere you go or upload it to your phone. Each time you get bored, go through some pages. It may be a piece of literature from your course or any useful article. Here’s how to do your readings properly:
YouTube video

If you listen at least to some of these bits of advice, you won’t have to boost all your energy and nerves in the last summer days and experience stress later in college. Use your time wisely and have a nice summer!

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