Motivation to Do Homework

Homework motivationCan you say that you like doing homework? Often loads of homework cause sleep disorders, family problems and low grades. Yet working on your own and reviewing material discussed in class is an important part of study process. Basically, you need to do homework to succeed in life. That’s true for most people, leaving out maybe Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and a few others. Moreover, they’ve also done lots of things that can be called homework, yet this wasn’t teaches’ assignments, they set tasks for themselves. Motivation for homework is something related to motivation for study and learning in general. Of course, that’s not always the case, some tasks you just need to accomplish to pass the necessary tests. This or that way, homework needs to be done. Not all of it, but the important portion is awaiting for you. So how to pull yourself together and get it done?

Some people get motivated when they’re overloaded with work, they feel like accepting the challenge and perform tenfold. Rare case, though. Basically, to get yourself motivated for doing homework we need to: ease the process, make it more interesting. So let’s get started.

Assignments are too complicated! I can’t do that much!

Divide the tasks into several smaller pieces and complete them day by day. This way it won’t seem so hard and scary. You’ll see you can handle multiple things, and isn’t this a motivation?

Best study motivation

I’m often confused, homework is unrelated nonsense! 

Having no clue about what is required in the assigned task? Homework is totally unrelated to your teacher’s classes? To lessen the pain of doing homework try to pay more attention in class. Homework is often designed to straighten your knowledge of already received material, so listening to your tutor and taking notes will ease the whole task. Knowing how to do the assignment makes it half done and you’ll have a lot more motivation to complete it.

Also, don’t leave working on subject till the end of the semester. Just to let you know, although it’s possible to master some subjects within one year, for others that’s just doesn’t work. For example, you can possibly pass the English literature without previous basis, this is not about math.

Moreover, at the end of the year you’ll  be often asked to do the same work for less grades than if you do assignments to due date.

I don’t feel like doing homework today! Better do it tomorrow/next week/month

Look at this picture:

Best motivation ever

You don’t need to major in math to understand one simple principle: doing slightly more every single day will result in great difference at the end of the year. You see, initial numbers differ only by 0.02, but multiplied 365 times result in vastly different outcomes.

I don’t need this or that, I’m going to become a web-developer (artist, politician, traveler, housewife, underline as appropriate)

Basically, all that learning stuff, studying and getting grades is about making something of yourself and getting a life, well-paid and interesting job in a long run. Most subjects at school/college may seem useless as to your future career. This may be really the case, and it may not. If the former, consider homework as necessary evil and cheat a bit, doing as little as possible to achieve the grades you want. In between it’s possible you get interested and change your attitude to the subject. Hopefully, at least about some subjects you can say they’re useful. If you can’t, maybe it’s time for a second though on this matter.

Is homework a necessary evil? 

To get some knowledge, you need to repeat the concepts. It is a routine, however, it comes rarely when a person catches all the info at once and there’s no harm if you review notes at home and do a few examples. There are few more positive aspects about homework:

  • Self-improvement: While doing homework you learn to work on your own, without tutor’s attendance.
  • Use: Also, homework is sometimes interesting. For example, recall doing your science projects. Or maybe this is still before you? Anyways, you need at least some idea of what the world around you is, even if you’re going to work as accountant or merchandiser, I mean jobs not nearly connected with science.
  • Reward: To get a motivation reward yourself for doing this or that. Set goals (only As and Bs for English, passing pre-calc midterm, etc.) and after achieving them reward yourself.
  • Unexpected benefit: If your homework never comes useful, which is also possible, at least you can save some money and make a prom dress of it.

Time! I have no time for homework!

Time is a very important thing not only in doing homework, but almost everywhere. To get things done and at the same time to have some sleep you’ll need to prioritize and plan your activities. If you have a ready program of what is need to be done today and what can wait, you”ll take the whole thing easier and do more stuff in less time, not at breakneck pace.

No time for homework

Try to develop a weekday routine which fits for you. Someone needs to take a rest after school or college, for others it’s better to start doing tasks right after the classes. Moreover, some people work better at night, though it’s a rare case.

Besides, often it’s harder to start than to finish. Suppose you’re assigned a homework which requires around 15 min or half an hour to complete it. You can do it right away and go hang out with friends. Or you may procrastinate till 3 am and waste an hour or more because till this moment you get tired and sleepy. Choice is yours.

I’m bored doing all that stupid assignments! Homework sucks!

Ok, if things have gone so bad, find a study buddy among your friends. Believe it or not, working in pairs is a lot more interesting, also you can divide the tasks so each of you will need to do half of work, you’ll be able to do homework better, faster and in easier and enjoyable way. If your buddy is not a lazy bone you’re also be ashamed of your doingnothingness and motivate yourself to work.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work for everyone and maybe you’re among persons who better study alone. Besides, working with friend doesn’t mean copying his/her homework, just saying.

If homework is really getting to you, don’t give up! If you’re sleepy after late work or other activities, probably it’s better to take nap:

Take a nap

And stop worrying about your tasks! We are here to help you anytime, so just send the most boring homework and we’ll do your assignments for you.

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