Do your homework with us! Safe? Yes!

Do your homework with us! Safe? Yes!

Number of reports of students, parents and teachers about homework overload in media and social networks are fascinating these days. On one hand, assignments get more and more complicated and often require more time than you can possibly spare. On the other, often students have a lot on their plate, forced to work for leaving, babysitting or whatever else. And at the end they’re in between, struggling to complete all the homework and at the same time making the ends meet at other activities. Possible outcomes are not pleasing: academic failure, poor progress, lack of time, nervous breakdown, arguments with parents/friends, etc. (underline as appropriate). What’s the way out? The answer is simple enough: you need to find someone who can do you homework for you. Sounds great, yet that’s again easier said than done. You need the result, and at the same time how to be sure that you won’t waste your money and get proper work?

What we offer is a service to help you with ANY assignment of ANY level of difficulty ANYtime at a budget-friendly cost.
Assignment Help Expert
Our remote and in-service experts provide pupils and students all over the globe with their complete works twenty-four-hour. How’s that possible? Our staff engages over 730 specialists holding degree of Master and PhD ready to assist in Computer Sciences, Math and its branches, Engineering, Physics, Writing or any other subject online and the number of our experts is constantly growing. Just imagine those experts fighting for the right to do your homework for you!

Is it even legal? How do I know this isn’t a fraud?

Our work is completely legal. Assignment Expert is owned by the British company Brainrouter LTD. All transactions are processed through PayPal, while sensitive/credit information is transmitted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate powered by Digicert.

What if I get caught?

Nobody will ever guess that your homework hasn’t been done by you.

  • We guarantee anonymity: while signing up you can make up any name instead of yours as we do not require any real personal data except for your e-mail.
  • Https protects data for the long term with forward secrecy and prevents from adversary’s breaks and decryption.
  • We never save your payment information as well, we simply receive payments via Paypal.
  • Be sure that we’ll never share your information with somebody else. Security measures stated in our Privacy Policy are established to maintain the complete safety of your personal information. 
  • A lot of websites pretend to be Assignment Expert stealing our name. Due to SSL certificate and HTTPS you can be sure that it is the right address. Except verification, SSL also preserves your personal data from intermediary parties (like internet cafes, ISPs, and wifi hotspots) interception or interfering with your search activities. Quite a useful thing indeed.

Homework top secret

How do they cope? Are they qualified or I better do the work myself than order from a bunch of lamers?

If you hesitate whether it is safe to order from us, we can assuage your doubts: statistics shows that 98% out of the whole amount of assignments are done perfectly and in time, you won’t find such figures on any other service. Hence, the more qualified aid we give, the more customers trust us.

How reliable is your service – what are the guarantees?

Your teachers won’t find there any sign of plagiarism, since the content of every work is examined twice for that issue on, and you can easily test it on any plagiarism-checker by yourself. Except for remote experts there are 26 inner specialists who check your homework once more before delivering it to you. Secondary control can set a fine to experts and put them into rating system that gives our clients an opportunity to get works from the best writers for best price. Along with remote and inner experts we have a team of operators, and once you make an order, it’s handled by our managers from submission till delivery 24/7, eliminating thus any possibility of failure. You will never be forced to communicate with a hired tutor tet-a-tet making him to get work done and eliminating mistakes afterwords by yourself. We provide a turnkey work, so you won’t have to worry about getting your homework done.

Sounds good but won’t it make my brain addicted to help from the side?

If you still wonder whether it is natural to search for someone who can do your homework for you and afraid that it’ll make you blunt and lazy, we pose a challenge to this as well. There’s no chance you lose some knowledge, since not only do we deliver your assignment saving your time for things of higher priority, but also provide additional materials including:

  • commentaries and explanations concerning the work’s content
  • instructions on how to make an oral presentation
  • schemes, graphics, recordings, maps, ppt-presentations, etc
  • video tutorials shot by the best tutors

You can enjoy your time in college more! Just send the most boring homework to our experts.

Our goal is to meet all your and your tutor’s requirements and deliver your complete assignment in time. Yet if you won’t be satisfied with our work, we have money back guarantee.

Thus, everything is only to gain. Try it yourself and you won’t regret.

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