Difficult homework? Call the police!

Alleviate pain of writing

How long have you been trying to cope with your homework without being able to apply yourself? What measures have you undertaken? Tried to predict answers with a crystal ball? Told fortunes in a teacup? Raised the ghosts of perished mathematicians to help you with your graphics? Or do you prefer to bundle up with blankets denying cruel reality? While you are thinking about which option to pick, some of dunnos have already found a way that will definitely surprise anyone.

Swedish police introduce a new service – now you can get homework help!

This October Swedish police have been reported to do school homework instead of fighting crime. After the call out Viktor Adolphson of the Stockholm police and his colleague went to the locale of theft. As it appeared later, while doing his homework, 11-year old boy got scared by the unknown whop and called the police being afraid of break-in. Officers reacted immediately and came to inspect the place. To their disappointment (or amusement?) they found nothing suspicious except the scared boy. Poor child was stressed and begged the police to help him to do his maths. Guardians of order appeared to be kindhearted rescuers and spent some time doing boy’s calculations. “Even though it wasn’t a thief it was a good thing to do”, they added after all. Quite a tricky way to find some help, isn’t it?

Police homework help

It could be a unique incident unless the younger boy had done the same thing some years before. This time it was 4-year kid to call 911 for math homework.  Mother’s shock knew no bounds when she found her son calling emergencies to get math answers. However, considerate operator took the call seriously and offered to send somebody to do the take away. We can only guess what the result was:

And again, China, 2012, 10-year-old calls police for homework help. Though, Chinese policemen are really strict, they came only to tell the boy that he should tackle with his homework by himself and left him alone. What an unfair world, why to give children such complicated homework that they wouldn’t seek help anywhere else except the police! And let’s look at the result.

Police’s homework help gets organized

City of Columbus, Indiana, established program of collaboration between children and police that makes a commitment to homework help. Each Monday Columbus Police Department community meets children aiming at assistance in complex home assignments. Officers believe that such interaction influences children’ progress positively and makes them take study seriously. “Most of the kids have been very consistent in attending, and we have seen noticeable improvements in their work and attitudes towards homework,” said Jill Sharp, Public Housing Manager for the Columbus Housing Authority.

Anyway, if assignment looks at you like a thief or murderer, you can easily invite the police to deal with it. But what if it doesn’t help? What if a policeman is incompetent in algebra or trigonometry? In this case Assignment Expert offers you to help with homework assignment and to protect you from monsters and provide work of high quality on time. Next time don’t confuse our contacts with the police 🙂


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