Cheating at College

Cheating at College

No matter whether or not you have ever cheated at college, you’ve at least thought about it for sure. 73% of students admit cheating on written work one or more times annually. Thus, not many people prefer to fail with honor than to win by cheating. It has become an integral surviving factor for modern student: a real cheating industry has been developed with all those gadgets and techniques. However, teachers got it and designed strategies to deal with dishonesty at classes. But don’t bite your nails, we’ll give you some must-do and must-not-do so that nobody would suspect you like the other poor guys.

College scandals tied to cheating disclosure appear each semester throughout the world. Some of students are expelled, while others are even arrested. Statistics strikes: according to the Canadian research number of cheaters has risen to the next figures:

Campus cheating figures in Canadian universities

Education Portal presented even more terrible information: according to them 75-98% of students were cheating in 2011. Imagine what’s the today’s number? “Does somebody really care about my cheating?” you will ask. Actually, yes. And some countries do control students systematically.

 China’s no longer champion in cheating

China is known for being leader in using cheating gadgets, but at the same time it is the leader in fighting with scams. Some universities are even installing metal detectors these days. Recently, a real tragedy happened to Chinese almost-graduates. More than 2,000 Chinese students were caught in high-tech cheating during a national exam. Their electronic erasers and wireless ear pieces betrayed them by sending abnormal radio signals. What’s the result? By failing the test they lost their opportunity to get pharmacist licenses and probably destroyed their careers.

Anti-cheating in China

Western world in its turn trusts Turnitin, which is a new technology that helps teachers to evaluate students by uploading their work to a huge database. It checks the papers for plagiarism, compares the work to everything else in the database, shows possible mistakes and analyzes student’s improvement. So if you know your teacher has installed it, congratulations, he or she is technology savvy and it can be harder to break through.

Threat for cheating

So, you can be crafty and creative cheat-note-writer or progressive gadget user, but there can always appear a teacher behind your back who knows all student tricks. The conclusion is: you have to know what your teacher knows about it. Mostly their methods are the following, so be aware:

  • Teacher greets all students by shaking hands. He’s not that friendly, he wants to check whether you’ve written something on your palm. Way out: if you find this efficient, choose any other part of you body inaccessible to your teacher. Always keep your hands clean.
  • You are asked to empty your pocket in case you have electronic devices. Way out: hide electronic devices in safe places or don’t even bring them if you can’t.
  • Teacher takes place at the back of the classroom. Way out: omit extra movements and don’t send signals. Every man for himself in this case.
  • Teacher listens to hallway conversations. Way out: shut up when you see a teacher.

Oops! I did it again… and they caught me

There are several things you shouldn’t do under any circumstances unless your teacher is blind, deaf and dumb deep-sea captain.

  • Writing on the palm. It won’t bring success in most cases as it is too visible and can leave spots on the work itself.
  • Placing paper with answers under the test and looking through it. Come on, teacher can look through it as well.
  • As for homework cheating: copying homework from the internet. First page of Google search offers plenty of websites providing already done homework, and when you see it you always pick the first links and copy the information. However, you are not the only to use this method, so when you and your mate copy the same resources saying “let it be”, teacher can really mock at you both.
  • Answers under the bill of a hat are also extremely noticeable.Not a decent way to cheat

Successful cheating

  • First of all, there is series of devices to help you with it… unless you’re Chinese student who failed pharmacy test. iPod nano on a watch strap can save when you load pictures with answers to it. However, teacher may ask why you are so curious about the time each minute.
  • Distract teacher, ask him to come round so that other students could take their time. Do it one by one. Collaborating with others is always extremely effective.
  • Cheat notes. You haven’t misread, we really mean it. Make a small written or printed cheat notes ant hide them everywhere you can reach easily during the test. Old method which still works. It makes sense when you do the notes by yourself, so if you are even not able to get the note from the inside pocket, you’ll at least can recall what it is about.
  • Have a photo or note of questions  made out by a previous class who took the same test. Ask those guys about the answers as well.
  • This is certainly a right way to cheat if you’re sure you won’t get caught.

Cheating notes masked as supplies

One more option is to address us for help. We can help with homework and provide you with completed assignments without plagiarism. If you don’t wanna someone doing stuff instead of you and merely searching for help with your homework we’re ready to answer your questions on math, physics, chemistry, etc. as soon as you wish and for free. Prepare to your test online with us and you won’t need to apply any of the aforementioned cheating techniques.

Cheating as team work

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