Best last minute costumes for Halloween

Are you ready for Halloween?When modern students think of Halloween, they associate it with trick-or-treating, parties, bobbing for apples, and, but of course, costumes. The USA alone spends $2.5 billion on costumes annually. And it is logical: the more elaborated and scary your costume is, the more compliments and treats (money? fame?) you get. However, there is a range of costume problems for students these days. They a) find outfit expensive; b) consider some of costumes to be oldschool; c) have no time to think it over and to create a real monstrous suit. We’ll venture to offer you tips on how to get your extraordinary costume quickly, and wallet-friendly. Let ‘s begin.

a) Box costume

All you need for this is… a box. The more boxes you can get, the crazier construction you can make of them! Just one box and some of regular stuff (hoody, gloves) from your closet and a “kidnapped-in-a-box” costume is ready in 10 minutes.

Kidnapped in the box

Make a hole in the box large enough so you can “wear” it on and also fix the sleeves with gloves on the sides of the box. Put into the fake character’s hoody some clothes and tie it like a bag. Tie the “body” to the side of the box. Use sticky tape to make sure your “costume” won’t fall apart during the trick-or-treat thing or at the party. A scary mask for your fake character is optional, headless it looks even scarier 🙂

Having enough boxes and adding some creativity, you can choose from incredibly wide range of characters! No boxes? That’s not a problem, you definitely have at least toilet paper or bandage to become a mummy. Wrapping yourself up must be intriguing.

Transformer boxMummyBesides, a toilet paper idea fits for two:

Toilet paper costumes

b) Ancient greek god/goddess/phylosopher

Find a white bedsheet and construct a greek toga. You’ll probably need a couple of safety pins to fix it. Check how to tie a toga for girls and guys. Basically, you’re almost done now. If you’re a girl, put on some fancy bracelets and earrings and a nice-looking brown or golden belt. A bedsheet alone will also do, though. Make sure to choose a cheap one, as it may get dirty during the party.

Pick the largest book you can find, preferably those in dead (yup, everything should be dead on Halloween) or exotic languages like ancient Greek or Latin. Meet the philosopher!

Girls, if you manage to find a couple of toy snakes in addition to the bedsheet, then you can also try a scary Medusa. Fix the snakes with pins and you’re ready to party!

Medusa costume

c) A ghost

Another option with bedsheets! If you’re not afraid of cutting your bedsheet you can also be a ghost on Halloween party ’14. Make two holes for eyes and that’s it. To make it even more scary poor bloody paint here and there all over the outfit.

d) Homework costume

If you have done all your homework up to this moment… Joking! All you need is a couple of paper sheets large enough to “dress” in them. Add some blood spots:

Scary math test costume

An old striped t-shirt will also do. Use some paints and the worst type of homework ever for details:Homework costume for Halloween

In case you’ve been a diligent student, you can make the whole outfit out of your real homework. Look at this cute homework dress:

Homework dress

e) Error 404 costume

Take a white t-shirt and a black marker:

Error 404 costume not found

Thus you have costume and you don’t at the same time. Not bad, huh?

f) Your last year costume
Still having no idea? What about the stuff that worked out last year? Some of your friends may find out, yet it’ll pass for most of them. If you put on Miley Cyrus in 2013, this time her costume can be turned into Nicki Minaj by adding some extra weight.

By the way, if you’re extremely run out of time to make up costume due to amount of homework, we offer you immediate assignment help. Forget about your assignment. Go win the day! Sorry, the night.


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