Many modern short programs owe its birth to the specialists who came from consulting structures, and therefore they are designed for a target audience of owners and managers of small and medium-sized companies. Speaking about big companies, their managers generally have been trained and can effectively manage and operate. But the younger professionals just graduated from the universities have sufficient enthusiasm, but do not have the proper experience.


But there is a middle class of managers who already have substantial work experience, but want to work more effectively, feeling that to do so they do not have enough specific knowledge. It is for them a program mini-MBA was developed, which allows you to enter a new professional level. Training of managers on the mini-MBA format not the first dozen years exists in the world. It is particularly in demand in those countries where there is a surge in economic activity. Thanks to this program, participants have the opportunity to significantly save money and time, to get the necessary knowledge and a document which testifies about the training qualification. For manager training on mini-MBA is much more profitable and efficient than, for example, a second degree in another city. Also often this form is chosen by small business owners who need no documents, and a certain amount of knowledge.

Almost all schools offer mini-MBA course in the open and in the corporate format that focuses on the characteristics of the customer’s company. Therefore, participants can solve the real problems of the company, with the support of teachers. Participants have the ability to transfer the skills of corporate work. Interest to short-term programs the school representatives explain by their accessibility than the traditional MBA. The conditions of admission to them are very much simplified. Thus, in contrast to the MBA, candidates to study the mini-MBA do not need to pass a difficult test and interview in English, writing essays.

Throughout the training, participants diagnose the condition of own office or enterprise, develop recommendations to improve the management structure. Thanks to mini-MBA the manager has the ability to teach in a short period of time a large number of its employees, to rally the team to achieve strategic goals.

Quite often, mini-MBA course is chosen by managers in order all the managers and employees of the company should pass it. This solution has a real chance to improve the efficiency of the company, as it allows simulating the course depending on the interests of the customer. Schools are committed to an active dialogue with the client company, to discuss the expected result and training requirements. In this case, final project has an applied character, as it implies the creation not of the abstract solution or project, but serves as a full-fledged consulting product.

Mini-MBA is not an alternative to the classical business education. The purpose of this program is to implement an accelerated mass liquidation of managerial illiteracy. This course allows the participant to get all the necessary knowledge at a relatively low price, visiting the job. Due to the many benefits offered by the mini-MBA program, the number of schools that offer such training is growing rapidly across the world. Experts expected that the demand for the courses will increase by several times after the leaders can evaluate the effectiveness of training.

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