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Expand your horizons, learn another culture, and find a better job! Think about how many opportunities are opened to a person who speaks foreign languages. Interesting places to visit, new books to read, meet new exciting people and friends around the world! No matter what profession you choose, if you learn at least one foreign language – it will be a great advantage in your career. Moreover, a good knowledge of a foreign language (e.g. French or German) will allow you to get higher education abroad for free.

Today knowledge of a foreign language, usually English, is mandatory and a prerequisite for employment in any, even the smallest, company. English as a language of international communication has long been the most popular language to learn and practically mandatory for any educated and successful person. Naturally the large flow of people, who desire to learn English overseas, streams to the UK, U.S. or Canada.

Foreign languages can be studied independently as well as visiting language courses. Recently, there is a growing interest in language courses abroad, because the best place for learning a foreign language is considered to be the country in which it has spoken. The cost of learning a foreign language abroad, of course, is higher than the corresponding course at home, but the efficiency and quality of language courses abroad is much above. A huge number of language schools around the world offer a wide range of foreign language courses.

Types of language courses abroad

Initial course: 15 to 32 hours a week. If you have absolutely no knowledge of a foreign language, then this course is for you. You choose the intensity of training and language school sends you in a group for beginners.

Standard Course: 15 to 32 hours a week. This is one of the most popular foreign language courses abroad. You will be able to improve language knowledge in four areas: reading, writing, listening and speaking that are important in learning the basics of grammar, building of vocabulary and communication skills. You will learn to understand the foreign language and be confident in speaking it in simple situations. The focus is on teaching you to communicate in a foreign language frequently. These are the main requirements, applicable to the person who knows the language.

Intensive course: 20 to 32 hours a week. This course is for you if you want to learn a foreign language quickly for academic or professional purposes. You will be able to “talk” in the target language spending a minimum amount of time to deepen into the grammar of the language and all communication skills. Lessons may include discussions that teacher causes, written exercises, group work and role games. Sometimes as part of the course, you can choose 10 lessons in a special, chosen field, such as business English (or any other language), creative writing, management, politics, tourism, etc.

Individual course: 5 to 40 lessons per week. Twosome education is an ideal course for those who want to achieve maximum progress in a short period of time. It is a high rate of language, in which the teacher creates an individual program for you to deepen your knowledge in those areas that you need. This course can be combined with Standard course, as the group classes also have their advantages, such as the ability to communicate in a group. In the morning you can do in a group, and the second part of the day is devoted to individual lessons.

Business language training: from 20 to 30 classes a week. In this course you will learn to do business correspondence in a foreign language, to grow vocabulary in business, plan your working day, get the essential skills that will help you succeed in business, to reach a solid understanding of business principles. The course can include discussions that are led by the teacher, written exercises, and group work and role games.

Summer language courses for children. Foreign language schools develop special language courses abroad for kids. Foreign language is taught in these courses in fully entertaining way (for the smallest), or combined from classical studies on language learning and cultural and entertainment programs are also aimed at improving knowledge. Children usually live with local families or in the campus adjacent to the foreign student to encourage constant communication even outside the language lessons. If you decide to send your child abroad for the summer to learn English or any other language, you can be sure that the cost of the course will pay off in the future a hundredfold, because the language schools programs actually include not only the learning a foreign language, but also methodology of personal and creative development.

The most popular destinations are considered courses in England. The reason for their popularity is due undoubtedly high quality of English language schools and attention to leisure of students. The main objectives that are set by British summer camps concern the safety of students and the constant teaching of English in an easy and relaxed manner. During the courses of English in England, the child will speak in English with both teachers and peers.

Children of 12 years can choose between language schools in England and summer language camps. Learning English is presented here in a more familiar form of lessons, usually 20-30 hours a week in classes of 12-15 people. Leisure and cultural program in the summer camps and language schools in England are organized very efficiently. Infrastructure of summer camps allow children to engage in various types of sports: football, tennis, rock climbing, go-karting, swimming, fencing, and more. And for those who prefer a more peaceful pastime art and music studio are opened. Also the program of learning English includes excursions, visits to museums, leisure evening.

In addition to England, you can learn English in the U.S., Canada, Greece, Cyprus and Malta. Language schools in these countries offer the same quality of learning English, and the prestige of language courses in the UK offset by other features. If you would like to study English with travels, pay attention to the language schools in the United States and Canada. If you prefer a beach holiday, language schools in Malta, Cyprus and Greece, are just what you need.

Preparing for the Examination will take from 4 to 12 weeks. These courses are designed to prepare you specifically for exams IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, Cambridge Certificate, DELF, DALF, DSH, DAF, DELE. In case you need an international certificate of proficiency in a foreign language for further career growth, then this course is for you. These certificates are a prerequisite for admission to higher education and employment abroad.

Thus, foreign language courses abroad are the best way to learn a language – learn it in an environment where it is spoken. Learn English in the UK or Malta, French in France, and Chinese, of course, in China. Since the most popular for the study of language is English, of course, that the most popular destination is the language courses in England. But do not forget about Malta, where the quality of English is not inferior to the UK and the benefit is the Mediterranean climate.

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