Accelerated Learning Language Courses

The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.

Ludwig Wittgenstein


The fast pace of modern life makes it difficult for people to find the time for that is not a prerequisite of life – many of the cases and problems are postponed until better times, “for later” when there will be free time for an hour and you can pay attention to minor matters.

Therefore, when an employee of the company or the student has the opportunity to go abroad for work or training, suddenly it becomes clear that such a chance may be missed because of the language lack, which was safely forgotten after school and high school, or never studied. In such cases, the real salvation is accelerated language learning, by which in a matter of days and weeks, it is possible to get at least conversational skills – the minimum necessary in the early stages of normal life in a foreign country. These courses will cost much less than the same in England and France, and will allow in the first days of arrival feel more or less confident.

The basic idea of the accelerated language learning courses is that the process of learning a foreign language is maximum compressed by the duration and is expected with results-not after a time, but while studying in the classroom. Each phase of training gives a very specific result, which can be felt immediately after class. This makes it possible to increase students’ motivation to continue to learn the language at the same pace.

During the courses of accelerated language learning the focus is made on the study of speaking and only of the vocabulary, syntax, phrases and sentences that may be needed while visiting a foreign country. Grammar is given to students only to the extent that it is necessary at each stage in an understandable and usable form. Serious rules and structures found in the literary language are not studied in this case because they do not provide any added value.

One of the most important tasks of these courses is the complete elimination of the language barrier. Not only teachers work on this task, but also psychologists, who gently help students get rid of isolation and fear of people who speak a different language, forget about the internal terminal and start talking.

To master the language quickly is possible with the help of the relaxed and fun atmosphere in the classroom, texts for learning, not that tell about the history and traditions of the country, but about contemporary culture, youth. Lessons are built in a live game form, so all students get interested to learn the language – they want to understand what the teacher says, to convey their thoughts.

As a rule, courses of accelerated learning of a language necessarily imply any direction, depending on the objective to be achieved. So, there are courses for travelers, students of certain specialty, business courses. After all, people of different backgrounds and professions, who, for various reasons, are going to another country, require different composition of vocabulary, grammar and syntax. For example, courses for travelers are full of vocabulary of culture, architecture, history, general household phrases, but business courses involve the study of business vocabulary, different terms, more complex structures, etc.

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