Let Me Copy Your Homework?

Can I copy your homework?

– Can I borrow your homework?

– Let me copy your homework.

– Hey man, can I see your HW?

Are there any other options of how those cheaters try to steal your assignment, your grade, and a piece of your knowledge? Dozens. And what is your response each time? Well, go the hell away, you’re welcome! What happens to your dignity and courage each time? And you for sure want to know how to handle those frequent requests.

There’re several categories of people who desire to copy your homework daily. It’s up to you to decide whether to give it them or no, however, firstly differentiate between those who are your friends and really need some help, and other random guys who simply sit next to you at classes and even rarely talk to you. Done? Fine. Now it gets more difficult. If you can more or less say NO to the latters, your true friends can have a grievance against you. Let’s look how to make it in mild and efficient way.

Copying Homework stages

Friend is copying all of your homework?

Hey! You know, a friend in need is a friend indeed. So, there’s nothing wrong if you help your buddies out if they, for example, forgot to complete homework or were ill or even simply didn’t feel like doing it. This same thing can happen to you as well. But if your friend is copying your homework constantly, that’s not a pleasant situation. Like you’ve spent a couple of hours doing that homework, and this person copies it in 5 minutes and gets the same (or even better) grade. And if so, then you have to explain somehow this nice boy or girl that it is of crucial importance that they do their HW by themselves. Not only will they succeed, but also they will… succeed. OK, it’s a chance for them to improve skills, to learn something new, to be in power of giving their own homework to others, and, eventually,.. wait, they’re no longer listening anymore, so do the following:

  • Be the first! Ask “Can I copy your HW today? I’ve just couldn’t… (make up a reason why you haven’t done it yet).” In case your friend doesn’t give you answers, pretend being offended as if he or she doesn’t want to help you in hard times.
  • Tell them it is the last time, because next time you simply will help them with their own homework instead of giving yours to copy and that’s it. No other options.
  • If the copying happens during the class, sit closer to the teacher as if you have vision problems. Only extreme lovers will sit near you.
  • Finally, you can always ask the teacher to email your homework in.

Remember that letting your friend copy all of your homework is not a thing friends should do. Instead you’d better help them to improve the subject and get better grades by themselves.

Say No to random cheaters

This should be the easiest task as you don’t have to worry about disappointing a person who is not your close friend. Thus, you can venture to be rough and tough:


  • If they ask for the answers, give the wrong answers (be ready to prepare them beforehand).
  • Start taking money. Put prices to each done exercise. No money – no honey, you know. This variant is especially good for those who use our service and pays for homework, and then suddenly appears a guy that wants to copy all stuff.
  • Start searching for your homework in your bag. Find it only when the teacher asks to hand it in.
  • “I’m in a bad mood, don’t bother me” makes you a cool guy.

Anyway, always remember that giving others chance to copy off your homework means they use your efforts for free and get the same grade. What if new teacher comes around and makes a guess that it’s not your friend who copied your assignment, but you personally cheated. Be careful with that.


I’m the one copying homework on regular basis. Is it legal?

So, you’re this friend frequently asking someone to copy his/her homework. It’s because you’re working after school or college, or you don’t get the subject, or just don’t feel like doing your homework. The cause is always ready in your head for not doing your assignments by yourself. Maybe, it’s needless to repeat that homework is designed mainly to help you better learn the subject. Let’s look at the problem from another angle. You’ve probably heard a lot about trials concerning stealing someone’s copyrighted work. What about copying someone’s homework entirely? Can it be the sufficient cause to sue you? There was no precedent in court to sue students for cheating. In fact, cheating in terms of law is not the same thing as copyright infringement. It’s legal. But this doesn’t prevent your teacher to consider your copied off homework as plagiarism and give you F or, if such cases are frequent, you may even be expelled.

Besides, we have another option for those who love cheating. If your friend wants to get homework quickly, easy, and with no stress and effort, we offer perfect service to help with homework. Probably, next time you will have to copy his or her work, who knows.

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