How to Spend Summer Productively

How to Spend Summer Productively

For a student, there’s nothing more pleasing than planning a summer vacation, especially when summer is in full swing. But how many of you have ever made up some colossal plans and finally failed with more than half points in the list? Even this year? Well, a lot. And we are not trying to judge or demotivate you to arrange your future free time, let’s just together take a look at how to make the most of the rest of your summer.

Three components of the usual student’s summer are leisure, work and learning. And the latter is the least attractive since it brings neither sun tan nor money. Anyway, you are supposed to deal with it, so lets plan your studying activities so as to be less injured with that academic stuff.

Don’t get bored with studying

First, check out if your educational establishment provides summer express courses in your specialization or in anything else you’re interested in (really, not necessarily math, choose something unusual to learn. Knitting? Massage? Another language?). Same may be found on the internet. Besides, online courses are also courses: websites like Coursera offer plenty of programs to study during certain period of time.

For those whose priority is the actual studying, it would be a good idea to refresh the gained knowledge in your specialization. Look through all the good and bad papers you have. You will be surprized at how some things seem to be I’ve-never-heard-about-this-is-it-actually-my-paper? Next, regularly find tests to check your competency in this or that subject. And yet, go get the used books for the next studying year – borrow from elder friends and start exploring.

And finally, if you don’t want to spend the whole summer studying, our experts may help with your homework in any subject. But you are responsible for your academic success also. Not to fall behind and forget everything over summer, call your friends and have a revision party at the end of the summer, bring some lecture notes and refresh the academic stuff all together.

Plenty of reasons to find summer job

As for your summer work, you know perfectly well that you can try to find either a job in your field to get some practice or a side job to get more money. The first category will certainly gain more due to the experience and new contacts they can possibly get during such probation. However, the latter may develop a skill in absolutely new sphere and, as a result, also add an additional plus to the CV. So don’t be afraid to catch up in the moment and find out how to get that job eventually.


One great thing about work for students is that dozens of countries of the world are eager to hire young people for summer job. It’s a real opportunity not only to get paid for doing an unusual job but also a chance to travel, learn new language, investigate new culture and fall in love with it. Find out about the student programs in your country and hurry up not to miss the plane!

There is also an option of volunteering which is good for the company of like-minded fellows. This type of work is appreciated in your country as well as abroad. And despite you’re not supposed to get money  for cleaning parks and beaches, arrangement of events, etc., it is still a good chance to take an active social position, meet new friends and get organizational skills.

Ideas to fill in nothing-to-do gaps

When your summer is almost over and you’ve already done all your homework, earned some money (OK, let’s just imagine) and watched all Netflix, you may also wish to do something incredibly odd or something you will remember for good. It’s high time you created a summer fun to-do list and enjoyed its program with your friends. Let’s see, for example, which of these you would like to pick or have the following as an example


Finally, we hope you’re having a great time wherever you are! Don’t hesitate to ask your questions if there are any concerning your summer studies or autumn preparation, we’ll be glad to assist.

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