How to Boost Creativity in Summer

How to Boost Creativity in Summer

Summer as a period of body and brain relaxation is at the same time the most productive season in a year for those students who have decided to devote their time to the creative output. However, it appears at once that some of us possess creativity as a natural ability while others are desperate about seeking inspiration. So, what should be done if good ideas don’t come to your mind or if you simply have a bad day? Let’s try to find it out.

Although there’s a myth that to be creative, you have to be right-brained, while the other hemisphere is responsible for logics and analytical skills, you can always use both. And stop believing those myths that are trying to restrict you somehow! Then, what influences creativity, you ask? Lot’s of factors, and here are the main points:

  • The working memory (which is analogous to data storage on your computer – RAM). It filters the information and operates it.
  • The long-term memory. Your ideas, images, facts, experience form the material, say, dough, out of which you’re going to make a pie. The more material there is, the more options you are able to create.
  • The “molecular lattice” of your brain. Remember chemistry, which tells us that molecules in metals are situated very close to each other that makes very tight structure, unlike the molecules in gases and fluids; their flexibility is predetermined by the less strong and conservative connections. Same we have in our brain, but here it is represented by neurons. Consequently, the brain of a creative person has the similar structure to the fluid’s molecular lattice.


No matter whether you’ve decided to write a novel or a poem, to make up a song or to paint a picture, you’re on the right way since you’re developing your brain. Summer is a high time you improved artistic skills and gained impressions from your surroundings. The advices we gonna give you in this article will not only help you thrive with creativity on your vacation but also keep generating ideas during the studying year, so don’t miss anything! To activate two parts of your thinking box, first see our tips on how to exercise your brain and let’s get started.

Summer relaxation

Do everything to feel the summer. Firstly, sleep more for you should go through all sleep stages to get real rest. Secondly, take a shower as often as possible; it will cool down your body and mind (as you probably remember from our previous article, the brain works better in the cool environment). So, taking a shower or having a bath, you can not only come up with extraordinary ideas but also stay away from the distracting outside world with its computers and smartphones. Finally, go out for a walk. The most helpful things about this are the calming effect of nature and the opportunity to get inspired by what you see around you.

Physical loading

Do exercises. Your brain consumes 25% of your energy, so you really need plenty of it. Sport is the best way to charge you and leave no chances for depression. But don’t make any excuses for training, you know that the only person, who will benefit from it, is personally you. Additionally, try working with computer… standing! At least for some time. Surprisingly, in this position, your body gets less tired and the brain works better.

Create your perfect environment


When you’re really obsessed with a wish to create a masterpiece, you have to distant yourself from the object you’re writing about. It is simpler to think abstractly from afar. Next, change places. Go to the village, to the big city, to the beach, to the park and visit crowded shopping malls. You may even isolate yourself to go abroad on your own. And in every your trip, have a notebook. Write down everything you feel about things you find interesting during your trip, make sketches of them, and make associative connections to make up beautiful metaphors.

Like a butterfly effect, your creativity is influenced by a number of details. Summer is a perfect time to make jokes and laugh, get new friends, change your room and even your habits, read books effectively, learn languages, and have fun! Just don’t be lazy and start acting. Remember, no excuses!

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