How Assignment Expert Helped Students Doing Their Homework in 2014

How Assignment Expert helped students doing their homework in 2014

It’s time to summarize the results of our work through the last year. The key value of all our activities is the percent of homework assignments successfully done and we totally understand the crucial importance and responsibility in handling tasks of our customers. What can be worse than badly produced, damaged or incompletely equipped product you buy? A joy of purchase spares place to frustration and desire to receive a refund immediately.

This is fully applicable to homework service and gets even worse as often you are not allowed to resubmit the assignment or pass the test one more time. That’s why we constantly monitor our performance to minimize the risks of failing the task and thus upsetting and losing trust of our customers. We implicate various techniques of improving the quality of the work done, delivery and customer support service.

Statistics on successful homework doing 2014

Analyzing data relating to the last year we can gladly report the following.In total we’ve done 6388 assignments during 2014, a number of completed orders grew almost 10% compared to that of 2013. In contrast to the previous 2013 year with 95% success average, the percent of tasks completed successfully rose up to 96,5% average per month in 2014.

Of course, we are striving to hit 100% success someday and provide perfect homework help service. You may ask, why we have this two to three percent gap and exhibit only 95-97% success? Well, although we are striving to meet all the client’s requirements and doing our best in completing assignments, there is still possibility for misunderstanding or even major forces preventing us from delivering one hundred percent assignments in time and perfectly done. Of course, we are willing to compensate all possible inconvenience and offer discounts on the next orders or refund depending on situation. Nevertheless, our ultimate goal is to deliver all assignments possible top quality and on time.

Speaking of the statistics attributed to each subject, during 2014 we’ve done more tasks in programming and math than in physics and other subjects. The least popular subjects among our customers in 2014 were geography and history. Instead, our customers preferred programming over other subjects and this is traditional. This situation did not come out of the blue, we’re already accustomed with such preferences and now working on the increase of activity in subjects which currently sag.

The amount of orders in biology dropped by 2% compared to the previous year; however, during the 2014 year the number of orders for engineering doubled compared to that in 2013. Also, the number of orders in chemistry increased by 10%. Our customers ordered slightly less math and programming than previous year.

“Success percent” doesn’t vary much for different subjects because we test the skills of our employees on a regular basis and double check completed assignments.

We can do it!

Service improvements

All foregoing figures ascertain that our service improved during the last year. How this got possible? In our work there are two main comprising parts:

  •  support department
  •  team of experts

Support department plays the role of careful hands receiving and processing assignments from all over the world, handling them to best fitting experts, following and controlling the order completion, handling it then to double check and finally delivering to our customers. However, this is not the ending point, as we’re open to after-delivery questions and claims and try to eliminate all the troubles before the due date and make sure our client is happy with received work. Our support team members are required to pass specialized tests every month to ensure their professional skills.

The expert team is the think tank of our service consisting ultimately of pros in their particular subject: math, physics, programming, biology, writing, chemistry, economics, engineering. Moreover, broad name of experts includes group of inner experts (our Quality Control department) and larger community of outer specialists.

What has changed during this year?

  • Improved enter testing system

The process of hiring new writers implies several levels of testing so that only ones who perfectly know the subject and can provide detailed and concise explanations (the latter is our hallmark and we pay great attention to it) become the members of our homework helping team.

During last year we’ve improved greatly our testing system which helps us find top experts for completing your assignments. During this year the quality of completed assignments has risen to a new level through close cooperation of expert Quality Control department and support team.

  • Double checking principle

Once accepted and starting to complete assignments, experts are subject to the rating system to ensure the best performance. When a fresh person starts to do client’s homework, our inner experts check his/her work twice and thrice to make sure everything is done best and perfecting the assignment if required. This double checking system remains for all our outer experts to keep the quality of completed assignments at the highest level.

To provide best quality assignments our Quality Control experts check almost every single task before delivery. Members of the team are top specialists in their field of expertise, experienced in providing research and having tutor practice. Also we hire more and more outer specialists to ensure best price-quality ratio for our customers.

  • Automation of order processing

Often we receive assignments with short deadline, which means it’s little time left before the due date. In such situation a lot depends on the performance of support team: how fast they can understand and clarify the requirements and find the right expert to complete the task fast and qualitatively. And technical details are of not the last importance here. That’s why our developers implemented a number of solutions allowing to automatize the work and process the tasks faster and better.

  • Improved order categorization

We reviewed and updated our order categorization system which will make choice of order category more convenient for our customers.

Assignment Expert

What comes next?

Currently our developers are working on new version of the website which will adapt to all types of mobile device. Renewed website is to be launched at the beginning of 2015.

Except for homework, we’re doing a couple of other things. The plans of nearest future are to broaden and widen these activities.

  • Shooting video tutorials

Doing homework is not our only business. As you probably know, we also have youtube channel where we post video tutorials on math and physics. All we do there is about making academic stuff clear. We think that science is not only for nerds. Our videos are for those confused and terrified by creepy looking formulas and bizarre concepts. We aim at catching and explaining in detail all the points which may cause confusion or misunderstanding, so nothing is left aside.
During the last year, we’ve tried different equipment and improved our skills. Now the goal for nearest future is to cover chemistry in our videos. More than that, we’re going to change the appearance and format of our videos to some extent, so stay tuned! By the way, now we can shoot exclusive video for you as part of your assignment or covering specific topic of your choice and need.

  • Answering homework and science questions

Basically, we are not only the service of turn-key ready homework and assignments. That’s not the main idea. What we want and aim to do on is to help people understand math, physics, chemistry and stuff. That’s why we offer free homework answers where everyone can post a question and get it answered and explained. Try it yourself, if you still haven’t. Unfortunately, we cannot do all the questions as the amount of them is tremendous and constantly growing. Lately we implemented a number of improvements in processing of free questions and now our experts are able to answer more of them due to automation of the process.

Another thing is that many of the questions are on performing calculations and such ones are to be charged. Probably, you’ll agree that doing calculator’s job for free sounds not very engaging 🙂 What we want to do for free is to explain concepts, ideas, to provide people with approach and method for solution. That is, someone will be able to solve problems once having understood how the concept or method works and how it’s to be applied.

We answer questions not only on our website, but also on Facebook page. It’s out of any doubt that humor helps to understand the most complicated concepts and improves attitude to the field in general. Making science fun is something worth while. Some students say they hate math or chemistry. This only shows that their teachers failed to excite the curiosity in them. And that’s what where we’re going to succeed in.

Have troubles with physics? We can help. Not the math person? Nonsense. Stuck with questions and lost hope to get through? Join now, we’ll help you out. Our goal and main point of the project is to answer your questions and to explain science to everyone. What we plan in the upcoming year is to offer more and better help for students in college, high school and everyone.

Wish you all the best in the upcoming year! Merry Christmas and happy new year!

Sincerely yours, Assignment Expert homework helping team

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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