Top 10 Tips to Get the Most Out of Online Courses

online courses

Trying new things is intimidating, and changing the way you’ve normally done things can be uncomfortable. You’ve probably experienced such a shift in your life during this global pandemic of Covid-19. The lives we knew before the outbreak have changed in several ways, from social interactions, everyday activities, travel, and even education. To maintain a safe space, society has altered the way we live with social distancing and hygienic practices like washing your hands and wearing a mask. (more…)

What will Summer 2020 Look Like for Students?

Summer 2020

As the summer months approach and the weather is getting warmer and warmer, a looming question about student’s holidays hangs over our heads. No, it’s not the question of “what are you summer plans” but rather the question of “when will things go back to normal?” People are just starting to get used to distance learning and online education platforms and schools and other educational institutions have not made the move to open schools just yet. (more…)

How to Effectively Add Citations to your Academic Paper


It’s an undeniable fact: writing academic papers requires sufficient time and effort. This is why students always drag their feet when they have been assigned a writing task. Even those who excel at writing, still moan and groan at the sight of a written assignment. Do you know what’s worse than a writing assignment? Making citations for your writing assignment.  (more…)

Preparing for Exams During COVID-19 Quarantine

coronavirus exams

This long-lasting quarantine period has undoubtedly shaken up the world. From the economy to health care, and even to schools and education, the quarantine has changed the way we look at things and how we conduct ourselves during this time. The shelter-in-place has also changed the way we think about our future, both near and far, and it’s becoming an increasing concern for students who are on the cusp of graduation or completing a degree. (more…)

Movies that Inspire Programming Students

programming films

Motivating students to do something requires creativity, as not one student thinks like another. One thing that students usually looked forward to in class were movies. This was a chance for the teacher to pick something unique and useful and (usually) on topic. Of course half the students would just doze off, but the other half of students walked away with a better understanding of the material. Media is shaping the world we live in even at the most elementary level like learning, and it is increasingly becoming a normal part of our lives.  (more…)

How to Avoid Overused Words in Your Essay

Overused words

You’ve done it. After hours and hours of toiling over your essay, overnight writing sessions, extensive research, and countless coffees, it’s finally finished. You can almost relax and hand the paper in, but there’s one more step. Just as any good piece of writing, the next step is to get it reviewed, usually by a peer or someone knowledgeable, to check for any mistakes or errors that you might have overlooked. And hm, it seems that your peer has something to say about your essay. (more…)

Why Do We Need to Study History?


There’s no doubt that living in the present is important for us and individuals and as a society. It’s what moves us forward and progresses the human race to the next level. It’s not unheard of that students also align with this way of thinking, which causes students to think that studying history isn’t important, because it doesn’t affect them now. This common misconception about the study of history that students have can actually have real-time effects on how things will turn out in the future and our human experience. (more…)