How to Improve Research and Analytical Skills

Research and Analytical SkillsHave you ever wondered why the sky or the ocean is blue? Maybe ponder the science of physics by dropping things? Curiosity is something ingrained into the human brain – begging to grasp the concepts that we experience at a young age and even into adulthood and old age. The way we come to conclusions though, vary from person to person, as we all experience things differently. Knowing things and understanding things are two totally independent skills that develop and grow as you learn about pretty much anything, and school has taught us to hone those skills with doing research projects and book reports and other sorts of assessments. (more…)

10 Tips to Stay Focused When Self-Learning Programming and Coding

Self learning programming

Learning new skills and trades is something that everyone could benefit from, no matter what skill it is. Adding to your repertoire can advance your professional or academic career and lead you down better paths in life. Picking up new skills isn’t easy though, especially if you are doing it on the side or by yourself. Self-learning is quite a difficult task knowing that you are the only person involved in this process, and your success depends on how disciplined you are. (more…)

Are Some Students Unteachable?

Unteachable student

Sometimes it seems like school can be a drag and the biggest waste of time for students. Either they’re stuck and aren’t learning much, or they’re just not motivated to do anything anymore. The idea that some students are “unteachable” is an opinion growing among educators and students alike, but because of the advancement of technology and an ever-changing society, the idea of education and learning has evolved just as well. (more…)

How to Effectively Write an Argumentative Essay

Argumentative Essay

Opinions are a dime-a-dozen so there isn’t anything inherently original or outstanding as the next one. There will always be a contrarian to these opinions and their need to explain their side. The way you write about it, however, can give girth and power behind it so that these arguments have a persuasive meaning and critical thoughts. Writing about a personal opinion is more than just spouting your idea to others, but rather a way of communicating your thought process and critical thinking skills. (more…)

Top 10 Tips on How to Beat Writer’s Block

Writers block

There is no doubt that college and university students face the same dilemmas throughout their young, academic careers. Whether it’s late assignments, whether to socialize or study, or pulling all-nighters, student’s share the same pain. It’s also safe to say that one of the biggest and most widespread problems is the all-mighty writer’s block. University professors and teachers assign really complex and controversial essay topics that students must research and analyze in order to produce a well-written academic piece of work. From philosophy students to history majors, from statisticians to art history buffs, writing an essay can be quite the challenge if you are not equipped to handle it properly. (more…)

Effective time management plan to improve your studies

Time management plan

College and University are a time for life experience and fun, as well as a time for development and growth. This is the time students are supposed to figure out what in life is important to them and what they can let go of. But most often, students worry about the homework and passing classes as well as balancing their social and work lives at the same exact time. Some people think that university is a trying time, where it weeds out those who aren’t prepared or ready for real life just yet. There are several things that lead to such overwhelming feelings and enormous amounts of stress, but there is just one defining skill that can separate one from the rest of the pack. This skill, time management, is a life-long skill that can continue to be used throughout life, and is especially important to a student.  (more…)

What is the Difference Between Research Proposal and Research Report?

Research proposal and research report

When it comes to academic or scientific, quantified research, there are several steps writers need to be aware about before diving head-first into the hypothesis. There is a rhyme and a reason for these steps, and they are mostly to make the student aware of the process and to gather and organize ideas, thoughts, and examples in an efficient manner. One common mistake students make when writing research projects is mixing up their research proposal and research report. Of course, both of them are closely related to the research itself. (more…)