Why Am I A Bad Student?

Why Am I A Bad Student?

The moment you’ve entered the education system is the moment you start to realize that, although studying is extremely important, the lessons you learn in the classroom go beyond academic materials. But while you are young and a student you start to have tunnel vision and everything seems so closed off to you, life becomes overwhelming and school takes a toll on your mental health. 

If you’re not doing as good as you expect, you’ll likely fall into a trap thinning you’re doing a terrible job being a student. Fret not, this is a normal feeling of guilt and disappointment and it’s actually a good sign that you’re not disillusioned about reality. Thinking you’re a bad student does have its downfalls, and should be addressed in the proper way to avoid any rash decision-making. So why exactly do you feel this way?

What does it mean to be a bad student?

Bad grades, undisciplined, unmotivated, or even just unattentive, being a “bad” student can range from a variety of different problems. Finding out what prevents you from achieving good grades or even completing assignments is the first step into solving this problem. Bad grades are easily distinguishable, your teacher or professors probably have approached you about your grades being low or slipping into dangerous territory. But understanding that you can’t focus or can’t retain information easily isn’t so obvious. 

What are some tips to improve on your own?

Since studying effectively is different for everyone we suggest several ways to get ahead the problem and attack it on your own. Try some of these out to see if they work for you.

  1. Set goals

If you feel bad about not doing well enough in school, have something to drive your motivation. Some students are driven by their drive to succeed in the future and have a better life for themselves. Sometimes it could be as simple as getting a good job to help pay for your dream car or computer. The main idea is to find something that sparks a light within you that makes you want to do better and improve.

  1. Be optimistic

The idea of being a “bad” student may only be as bad as you make it. We are our own worst critics – so it’s best to see the positives of your situation. Finding the silver lining may be the key to help you get out of this rut. Optimism will also drive you in other ways that will reflect on your school work. 

  1. Take things slow

School work can get overwhelming at times, so it’s totally fine to slow it down and even take a break. Even in this quarantine, or lockdown situation, studying can be handled in a much more efficient manner. Take the time to process the material and even your own life decisions. 

  1. Improve small things

Expecting everything to change overnight is a big mistake. Changing your grade from a C or D to an A or B requires patience and time. So do what you can to work on small things like your study habits, your mental health, and even your motivation. Work on improving these small aspects so that over time they’ll be good enough to improve your grade. 

  1. Finish small tasks

Just like you should improve small aspects of your life and your studying, you should also finish small tasks. One homework task and one study session here and there will definitely help you stay on track to become a better student.

Outside of these tips to work on individually, you could also look to others for support. Asking for help is a good start to discovering potential roadblocks for being a good student – you’ve got plenty of resources to use; your teachers, your classmates, your parents, assignment help from our service, and yes, even the internet that you’re using to read this, are all valuable resources. 

But what does being a good student actually do for you? Why work this hard if all you ever want to do is skip class and do nothing? It’s good to think about the benefits of studying hard and getting good grades. Being a good student leads to these few things.

  • Improved knowledge of general subjects

Theres one thing that you can absolutely avoid is being dumb or stupid and know common, simple things. Knowing how to do long division or quick math, or knowing who fought in each of the world wars will be a good way to have a better life.

  • Easier to learn new things

Figuring out a way to learn things will only lead to you learning at a quicker rate than before. Even soft skills and more technical skills will come to you a bit easier as your brain has gotten used to processing information. 

  • Better social life

Being good at school doesn’t necessarily mean you’re better at socializing, but it does help you understand the world a bit more, and understand how people are. If you focus on your courses, you may also meet some pretty cool people – who you’ll spend your time with and complain about the same homework assignments. 

  • More opportunities in life

Studying hard will lead to good things like grants for school and even well-paid jobs. Of course, money isn’t the answer to life, but it sure makes life a bit more comfortable. You’ll need an education in one form or another to open up a plethora of opportunities for yourself. 

So whether you’re struggling with your courses or you’re finding it hard to motivate yourself, finding a way to become a better student can be simplified by following some of these tips.

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