The Ways to Train Brain

Most things that we stop using eventually become worthless. The daily routine of life and work can play a dirty trick on us. If you do not make your brain work, that over the years, it will have much less opportunities, not mentioning the anatomical changes that take place in it due to aging and which do not improve our mental faculties. So it vitally needs trainings. Moreover, the exercises can be just interesting. To watch for what a brain is capable, with what speed how difficult problem it can solve. From a pragmatic point of view, things are a bit more complicated. There are studies like speaking about the benefits of exercise on the development of cognitive abilities and that there no special sense of them. Because the brain is part of the body, it must comply with the rule: the subject of regular loads must be developed to deal with them. So, below you will find exercises to train your brain which help to carry out this process.

Memory. Turn on some new music track (it should be with words.) Listen to it and then, having finished, try singing it from memory. Thus, the amount of acetylcholine can be increased. This is a substance that helps build brain cells and improves memory. Also to activate the new neural networks follows can be done: to dress in the dark, brushing teeth, eating by another hand, etc.


 Attention. Let you to go to work, school, on business not by usual road; start a small rearrangement in the workplace or at home – it will facilitate the inclusion of the brain, instead of the confluence of it to routine. Another exercise is to do several things at once. Talking on the phone while cooking dinner, listen to audio books while jogging, etc.

Orientation. Go into the room and remember the five items, and then go out and refresh in your memory where they are located. Following exercise: stand up and look straight ahead, then check all that you have seen (including the fact that was in the field of peripheral vision). Turn around and try to think back. It develops both orientation and memory.

Language. Every day read the parts of newspapers and magazines, which you recently just leafed. Note and remember new words. Delve into their meaning. Thus, you will enrich your own vocabulary and learn new language structures.

à Of all the exercises it would be good to emphasize memorizing a list of words. Mnemonics has two basic techniques for solving this task: place method and plot method. First – you need to choose the familiar location, such as an apartment or a way to work. And in significant places put the images of words. Accordingly, in order to recall the list, it will be enough to mentally walk through the apartment and see what is there; considerable emphasis is made on visual memory. With the plot it is a little more interesting: you need to invent a story, consisting of words, and during its remembrance the words will also be remembered, visual memory is also used there but semantic memory appears. So, remembering a list of words with the help of plot, except for the mechanical component of the brain, will slightly affect creative one as to come up with an image for the word and associate it correctly with others in the plot is not always easy, and we have to use imagination, which can already be attributed to the tools of creativity.

à Crossword puzzles solving helps brain development and stimulate its activity. Strive to absorb as much information as you can, read, read and again read books on different topics. Find a new hobby, learn a foreign language. Be sure to save yourself from the constant watching TV, or your brain will “become blunt”. The sooner you begin to train your brain, the easier it will be to cope with mental illnesses of the elderly people. It was found that permanent brain exercises, any activity, mental and physical, minimize cases of memory loss among the “old” people and slows down the aging process.

All this, from the point of view of psychology, will be very useful to stir the neurons of the brain. So train yourself and invent different kinds of exercises. And let no laziness will not be in your way!


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