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Education is one of the main stages in the human life. There are few studies on which people spend a lot of years in the life, refusing from many things. But the fact is that building a good career without education, including higher education, is almost impossible.

In addition, education instills not only the skills and knowledge, but also contributes to personal development. There is even a wise saying: “A person can be born only in the process of communication with other persons”. Even if the process of human learning is not inspiring, it will still always have to deal with various problems and to solve them together with colleagues. By participating in such public events, the person develops own character, and this is the platform for a successful life in the future.

As the Internet has already become one of the integral parts of our daily lives, a quick and relatively cheap access is one of its main advantages for students around the world. Communication and information are the two most important benefits of the Internet in education. Information can be updated and modified at any time and any number of periods, which improves the quality of learning and understanding. Every day, we spend a lot of time searching for the information we need, but even finding that at first glance meet our requirements, we often make mistakes. One of the main problems is that the information is not filtered, so we have to make choices – to believe or check.

Let’s address to the Internet-source of ( It is a web directory of sites devoted to education. Its mission is to help people quickly and easily navigate the Internet, to help sort out the information of interest. Such inclusive portal is aimed at providing learners with the best education sites on the Internet.

Created in 12 Aug 1998 is a website that takes a position of 2,409,696 according to Alexa and 981,257 on Statisy costing $1,490USD with 3,534 visits each month. In relation to Alexa the number of its backlinks has reached 12,095. It is appropriate for seo-website because having 20% seo-score is considered harmless. The average year of website’s users is 18-24. These people have already graduated from school. But there are no limits on the age. It is appropriate for all levels of education: pre-school, primary school, secondary school, high school, high school seniors. For added convenience portal has a search engine.

Thus, the importance of the Internet in education cannot be ignored and, therefore, every student should have access to the Internet for a deep understanding and knowledge of the subject.


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