The MBA Program – a Prospect for the Future

In recent years, the MBA degree has become a very popular in the world – about the prevalence of such courses serious discussions are conducted. So, if ten years ago, this degree was not accessible to all, but only to the very skilled professionals, then now many people can get it.

Experts believe that too many schools offer various MBA programs and it devalues the availability of this certificate when applying for a job. MBA diploma is no longer the privilege of the best, but, nevertheless, is valued highly enough today.

There are many different MBA programs, but experts say that government cannot monitor compliance with international standards of these programs. The student must very seriously relate to the choice of the program, paying attention to the content of the course, the qualifications of teachers and other parameters. It should be remembered that a high price does not always guarantee quality education.

Selecting and starting to take MBA courses, a few nuances should be kept. First, the student must not allow an MBA to destroy personal life or career – all this need to be combined. Learning MBA does not guarantee the receiving of a good job immediately and the opportunity to completely change lives. Therefore it is better to build a career in the existing post and learn at the same time. For this reason, the majority of students chooses modular or distance programs, though, all the schools argue that full-time program is better. But the full-time program requires more time and efforts, so is more suited to experts who are temporarily closed and may devote a lot of time to studying.

During training, it is desirable to put into practice all the things students are learning. All the knowledge is important to use immediately on the job. This will give the opportunity to better understand the material, directly clarify unclear issues and emerging issues from a teacher, because the MBA learning is aimed at professional, not academic growth.

If during the process of training the student begins to realize that he made a mistake with the selection of the program, he should not continue studies – there are all possibilities to easily and quickly change the program at a more acceptable course. Experts do not recommend to get an MBA degree, if the experience of the student is less than five years, because during this time the experience is gained, which can be discussed in class. The optimum age is about thirty years (29 years – the most common age of MBA students). It is unlikely that even a graduate of a high MBA degree will be an attractive candidate to employers. In addition, the student will not have sufficient reason to learn the material under study.

When choosing a course the program files should be carefully considered. For this the prospective student finds out how many years this program exists, how many students are enrolled for the course. It is desirable to obtain information on the number of graduates of the program, their success – how many and where they work, if they could implement this knowledge in practice. You can also ask whether the program has the support of companies of different fields of activity, whether at school alumni who share their experience, sometimes conduct classes for students. A lot of useful and important information can be gleaned from the official website of the school.

Global research shows that in every country on average about 15% of the active population are able to managerial work. MBA is not so much and not only professional program, and, above all, a program for those who manage people for managers. Management is always a process including people: 70-80% of the actual control is always going through people, and 20-30% is process control. First degree always gives a profession and as a professional you already know how to manage. MBA gives you leadership skills.

A variety of MBA programs forms a systematic approach to managing business processes, allow to obtain the knowledge and skills of building effective business strategies. Education enables us to analyze and summarize the existing knowledge, develop new tools to improve their own effectiveness as a manager. Thus, it would be correct to take MBA as an advanced training program for top managers – professionals who are daily confronted with the need to make key management decisions and feel the need to get new management tools to apply them in practice.

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