The Effectiveness of Innovative Technologies in Education

The educational process never stands still and is gradually transformed by the emergence of new information technologies, teaching materials, items, the implementation necessity of which dictates the time itself and requirements of modern society. Innovative technology and design can greatly facilitate the work of teachers, students’ education and monitoring for academic progress of children by their parents.

The word “technology” has Greek roots and is translated as a science, a set of methods and techniques of treatment or processing of raw materials, semi-finished products and converts them into commodities. The current understanding of the word includes the application of scientific and engineering knowledge to solve practical problems. In this case, information and telecommunication technologies can be considered technologies that are aimed at the processing and transformation of information. Most important modern ICT devices are computer equipped with appropriate software and telecommunications facilities with the information they provide.

One of the newest and most effective inventions of recent years is SMS-diary, which provides parents with unlimited possibilities. This is online school diary, which allows parents to stay abreast of the learning process, review children marks, attendance, analyze statistics for certain periods, to know when a child has the most complex and important exams, tests. Peering into the modern school diary and seeing statistics of marks for any period of time, parents can make certain conclusions, first of all, respond to the negative signals. So, if a child receives low marks on any subject, parents can hire him a tutor or independently study with him.

The ability always know when a child has important tests and exams means a lot, because the basic formulas and rules can be repeated with the child, a day before a major test parents should put him to bed early, do not load up on household chores, making it possible to study, do not allow to play computer games for hours, etc.

SMS-diary gives parents the opportunity to receive all information directly from the general educational institutions, bypassing teachers, other children’s parents, etc. It is often even the most experienced and qualified teachers cannot provide complete information to parents about the progress of the child, to submit a distorted picture of overall ratings, which has nothing to do with reality. The SMS-diary only provides facts, analysis, and statistics without emotion, incomplete data, etc., so that parents make their own conclusions.

In addition to basic information on the marks and the main events in the school, in an electronic diary, a person can view information about the child’s achievements at the Olympics, sports, etc., to get the specials for emergencies that require the presence of their parents. This is especially true when something happens with the child (injury to the physical training, fighting with classmates, etc.) and the parents should be notified first.

To the important inventions an electronic textbook relates – an automated training system that includes didactic, methodological and information materials on the subject matter, as well as the software that allows to observe them all for the self-production and control of knowledge.

In order the electronic book is popular, it must be universal, that is equally suitable for self-study, and for stationary training, complete in content, highly informative, brilliantly written and well-decorated. This book can be offered to any student, and it can be a great help for teachers in organizing their classes on self-study of students and conducting tests and examinations on individual subjects.

Thus, the use of modern innovative technologies in education is one of the most important and stable trends of the global educational process. Voice mail, e-mail, tablets – all these are essential student’s assistants today that during right use will bring juicy fruit.

“Teaching in the Internet age means we must teach tomorrow’s skills today.”

Jennifer Fleming

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