Business Trainings: Why are They so Vital?

Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations.

Steve Jobs

Every person makes mistakes – that is not an invention, but a lot of people conclude that they try to improve. Business requires continuous changes. So over the past few years, the world has undergone a fundamental change – new hardware, substantially developed information technology, society has turned from an industrial to the informational. This has greatly affected all sectors – education, business, economics, etc. Especially new trends in business, where success can be achieved only by confident staff who can work in a team and at the same time to make decisions independently, are clearly noticeable. Due to the new requirements of the market a business education is very up-to-date, the basic form of which is business training.

Many modern leaders are fully aware of the need to develop personal qualities and professional skills of the staff. With this purpose a variety of seminars, team-buildings, conferences, psychological trainings, etc. are actively used. Business trainings are of great popularity and effectiveness that are most ideal for the development of special skills and capabilities to optimize process of control and communication. Despite the high cost of business trainings, they are eventually paid off in full.

Business training is a short-term event (perhaps a series of events), which is aimed at the acquisition of new skills, knowledge, abilities, the formation of a certain style of thinking employee, his style of behavior, etc. Despite the fact that adults’ psyche, behavior and certain stereotypes have been already formed it is difficult to teach them anything else or even retrain, while business trainings use certain techniques that allow to do it.

Professional in the field of business training should constantly strive to develop. His role in the development of others is crucial, whether he works with the head of the organization and its senior officials, or familiarizes a group of newcomers with their job positions, his impression that he made on others, is extremely important. The reason for that is the creation of education system brand within the organization.

Conventionally all trainings can be divided into two groups:

  1.  Corporate trainings are ordered, paid, and held by the company for its employees, increasing their professionalism.
  2.  Open trainings are for everyone who can come and learn something that will be useful to his/her life. The most popular among open trainings are communicative trainings, personal growth trainings, trainings of communication with the opposite sex, and psychological trainings.

Participation in the training involves getting new mindsets, examples, forms of behaviors that are more effective for a successful business. One of the most effective forms of training is imitation.

The main requirement is the leader of a charismatic personality who can lead and provoke the employees’ desire to inherit such an example, to reach the same heights and always be the best. Often, instead of this method the opposite – anti-imitation – is used. This method is based on the main mindset “I will never do so”. Employees observe negative example, where they can see and analyze some of the traits of their own character, and then the mind becomes free from the destructive tendencies.

Radical method is survival. This method is based on the fact that a person is placed in a very difficult situation and there are no ready-made solutions for the problem that’s why a person should find necessary tools and thus new ways to improve business performance. During any business training staff is given with a lot of available information, which provides with the new knowledge, makes to look at many situations from a different angle, tries its strength in extreme situations.

Thus, with the help of business training completely different problems can really be solved, beginning from learning specific skills and finishing with development of strategies in large companies. The main thing is clearly follow own goals!

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