Short Student Tips for Great Summer

When summer comes, there appear two types of students: the one that is eager to spend every minute of their summer actively, and another, willing to only seat in front of a laptop to play computer games/watch series or do any other effortless things, watching the warm days go by. And usually, sooner or later, both of them may think over and even Google the ways of how to spend the summer productively. So here they are, your saving tips on an effective summer.

If you haven’t planned your vacation yet, the good news is you don’t even have to go out of the city to spend your summer in an interesting way. So, the things you should cover this summer (or any other summer) include real rest, new knowledge, and new experience.

The summer itself creates an I-don’t-wanna-do-anything mood when it’s hard to make yourself work or study. But the thing is you don’t have to. Intensive summer job and lots of studying will certainly work for you but won’t bring satisfaction from your summer,  so take your time to balance your activities correctly.

Tip 1. Have your own piece of summer

First of all, decide when exactly this summer you’re going to go on a vacation. It’s not necessarily to follow that traditional image of a vacation with summer beaches and cocktails under palms. A couple of weeks of true rest or a simple change of scene say heading outside to lay back in any recreation area, camping, hiking, or partying, will contribute to the general reboot of your organism and brain after the college or university overload.

Tip 2. Weekend be weekend

Next, if you are going to work, study or volunteer over summer break, remember to do it strictly on working days, leave the weekend for yourself. Those two days may be spent outside your home, so plan them beforehand to save time. Watching different surroundings will distract you from the daily rut and may bring some inspiration. Besides, festivals, cinema, theater, galleries and even shopping also make the list of different surroundings.

Tip 3. Walk!

No matter where you go, try to walk as mush as possible. This moderate physical activity keeps your body alert while your mind is concentrated on other things. Learn your own city this way, keep a rule of making a morning or an evening walk. You’ll be surprised how soon you’ll get used to walking several kilometers a day that will certainly make you feel more fit.

Tip 4. Skill up

Every summer is a perfect time to start something new and discover or develop new skills. Make a list of things you’ve always wanted to try, from making beads to doing risky kinds of sports and learning new languages. All you need is to be systematic and organized in your attempts and the result won’t take you long to see.

Tip 5. Summer readings

Bet you were assigned a lot of summer readings this year. Well, there are several easy rules you can follow to accomplish this task.

  • Take your time to have some rest from your college/school/university books, even a couple of weeks.
  • Select a date you’re going to start reading.
  • Create a reading diary not to forget what you have read by the end of summer.
  • Divide the list of books with your friends if it is too huge and discuss every of them, for example, once a week.

For more hints on productive reading and studying, watch this video

Tip 6. Make useful contacts

Wherever you go in your free time, try to get with more people. The new acquaintances may bring unexpected positive results and bring you career as well as study opportunities.

Tip 7. To diet or not to diet

Of course, we don’t speak of losing or gaining weight here. Summer is a great season for improving your daily ration. The first thing you can easily do about that is to omit fast carbohydrates, which are considered to be harmful to the human body (in brief, they badly affect blood sugar level and are not recommended to people with metabolic problems). The foods that include such carbs are, to name a few, white bread and backed products, popcorn, instant oatmeal, most packaged and frozen foods, potatoes, jam and honey, soda, and some of the fruits like banana, kiwi, pineapple, etc.

Luckily, hot weather doesn’t usually provoke exceptional hunger so your list basket of slow carb snacks all over summer may be light

Give your body a good cleansing and drink more water. And don’t forget to love your body the way it is.

Tip 8. Summer homework

Hey, don’t just skip this category, hold on for a minute. We are not going to persuade you that summer homework needs to be all done and you have to work on it every day (but that would also be good). Make a schedule of how often you will study and simply follow it. Once or twice a week – no matter. But if right now you see that the volume of the assignments is unbearable, welcome to AssignmentExpert. Here you can leave the tasks you can’t cover (due to the lack of time, knowledge or desire) to our experts by submitting their details and go spend your summer. Later on, our experts will deliver your perfectly accomplished homework with the explanations on how it is done if necessary. Try and you won’t regret.

Tip 9. Be epic!

And the last words of motivation.

  • Be creative!
  • Become better every day!
  • Be inspired and give inspiration!
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