Eight Years Doing Your Assignments

8 Years doing your assignments

As we’ve stepped in the eighth year of our work, we realize that it’s exactly the time for drawing conclusions, making resolutions and analyzing last year promises. In this article, we’re going to show you what Assignment Expert achieved over the last year and whether we succeeded to make our dreams come true.

Through eight years of ups and downs, Assignment Expert has grown into a large company with a constantly increasing number of experts and customers. By now, we have accomplished almost 49,000 tasks, 97.6% of which were successful and got the highest grades. We’ve counted 906 experts embracing all disciplines who helped us to reach this progress and we’re looking forward to crossing the line of 1,000 next year.

Analyzing every task which comes to our service helps us to keep up with all academic trends and demand the same from the experts. Over the whole time, this enabled us to find the weak points in the system of testing of our remote experts. Thus, we’ve been implementing serious changes in the structure and content of the tests that should distinguish whether the applicant is really ready to take upon the assignments with such stressful conditions as the short deadline and huge volume. The professionalism and punctuality of all tested experts immediately find their feedback Assignment Expert feedback

Major Improvements of Our Service over the Last Year

This year, apart from examining the customers’ feedback on our service like we usually do, we’ve also conducted a poll to more thoroughly examine the point of view of hundreds of our experts concerning our service. The  New Year poll allowed us to work on things which our experts find to be drawbacks so that we could make the service more comfortable for both clients and employees. Some of them are below

With feedback like this in mind, we made some corresponding conclusions. We have to take care of our remote and in-office staff as well as of clients, so it’s important to maintain tight and efficient cooperation with both. For this, all terms, policies, and instructions should be clearly formulated and each stage of work should be logically connected with another. We, therefore, aim at simplifying the system for task processing and facilitating the active dialogue between customers and experts via our support team to make every step as transparent as possible.

The latter made us reconsider the chat and private settings. Now, our customers can use the mobile version of their personal accounts and not only ask any questions and give additional instructions to the tasks online 24/7 but also attach any files they like right in the dialogue window in their account instead of sending everything by email.

And one more good news. We’ve introduced a new subject to our categories, which is French, since we started receiving more tasks from our French and Canadian customers and they appeared to be willing to submit tasks in the French language also. Besides French category, we are happy to admit that we’re doing good in other subjects as well comparing to the previous year, which you may see below

 Customers’ Feedback on our Work

And now it’s time to shift to the customers’ reviews which are also plenty on Reviewcentre.comSitejabber and Reviews section on our website. Some of them help us analyze the reasons why students turn to us for help and we are glad that they trust us with their major projects and papers when they are out of time to handle the amount of homework given or simply don’t understand the subject. And when students face issues concerning some disciplines, our experts are always asked to render all possible explanations concerning the matter so that our customers could get their problems solved and the understanding of how it was done.

We are always happy when customers address us with their comments not only on the mentioned websites but also write us on Facebook page, blog, and Youtube channel where a lot of useful academic and interactive stuff prepared by our experts is being posted. We’re grateful for every point of view we receive as this is what often makes us feel proud for doing the right thing for our customers. This is why the number of them from many countries of the world is so big today. We hope you enjoy our cooperation and we’ll strive for more to please you more.

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