Is Programming Really Boring?

Programming boring

One rule of life that is almost universal is this: everything in moderation. Too much of one thing is a bad thing, so it’s best to varietize or take a break from some things. Computer programming is one of those things which requires a lot of time and effort spent on it, and sometimes if you do it too much without breaks, it results in a burnout. It starts to lose its appeal and becomes dull and mundane and even a chore.

Is programming actually boring to do?

This is far too common a question in the field of IT and computer programming. Sitting in front of a computer going through lines and lines of codes, debugging and troubleshooting every thing can become so frustratingly boring. So, yes it can be boring, but just as anything can be boring if you do repetitive tasks. 

How can I make computer programming exciting?

Computer programming and IT is exciting in and of itself. But you have to have a certain level of appreciation for it, just as you might have had before reading this. Here are some of the things that make computer programming so dynamic and fresh, just to remind you why you want to study it. 

Constantly changing environment

As technology grows and evolves, so does computer programming. There’s always something new to learn about or discover, which makes studying and working in computer programming a really exciting place to be. All of our favorite websites and social media have developed from pushing the envelope of technology. Each day will bring something new for you

• You’re in control

With the exceptions of group work and code sharing, the work you do on your computer depends only on you. You have the control to change and edit and add and remove lines of codes, or experimenting with stacks and loops and finding several different solutions for one common problem. Whatever it is, you have total authority, and it feels good. 

• Coding is Problem Solving

There’s nothing really that compares with the feeling of solving a problem. The relief and the enjoyment after fixing a bug or making a function work properly give you a certain high. And with computer programming, you’re always problem-solving in so many different ways. People who are great at logic tend to really enjoy computer programming a lot more because of this aspect. 

• Stretching your creativity 

Many people probably don’t jump to computer programming first when they think of creative jobs. But the beauty of creativity is that the medium of creativity doesn’t matter, what matters is the person releasing this creativity. Computer programmers are really proficient in solving a single problem in dozens of ways. They get creative with it and show off their chops by doing it in a way that no one else has. This makes computer programming more fun, rather than a boring and repetitive task. 

How can I stop being boring of computer programming?

The solution to making something less boring varies, and it really depends on how you like to do things. Here’s a list of things to make computer programming exciting. 

• Take breaks

Even though you need to finish projects and meet deadlines, there comes a time where productivity becomes very low. Your brain doesn’t work as well as it did before, your vision is blurred and you can’t see all the mistakes in front of you. This is probably when you should find some time to take a break. It can give you a breather and time to relax, so that your brain can be fresh with new ideas. Even the hardest of workers need to take breaks, so that the work in front of them can be manageable. 

• Make a checklist

If you’ve got a large project and a deadline, you can break the task down into smaller subtasks like a checklist. The motivation behind this is to feel more accomplished, seeing a tangible outcome and crossing something off your list shows that you’ve done something and that you’re making real progress. It also helps you be more organized and not all over the place. Focusing on each individual task will clear up your work. 

• Listen to music while doing it

Music is something magical: it can change your mood in an instant and can even influence the things you do. Its like listening to hard rock while you’re at the gym, or trance music at a rave, your body responds positively to music. With computer programming, you can make it a bit more interesting for you if you listen to music that gives you energy or maybe something that you’d love to sing along to. 

• Get into a “flow”

It’s not easy to do this, but once achieved, the task becomes monumentally easier. The “flow” is just a moment of time where your productivity and efficiency is so high. Nothing distracts you, nothing bothers you, and you’re able to truck through and complete your tasks. But the “flow” comes and goes, and is affected by your focus and attention span. Thinking about how to execute your task isn’t enough, so you’ll have to find a way to be ultra productive, and stick to it. 

• Remove distractions 

Usually the reason why we can’t finish work on time is because we want to do something else, anything else. We avoid the work by going on our phone and checking our social media, refreshing our feeds hundreds of times, even eating can distract us. But it’s important to stay focused even though the work may be a bit boring. Remember to take breaks so that these small distractions are avoided. 

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