Organization of Student Exhibitions

Art is the proper task of life.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Exhibitions of student works are very important events as students in higher education are an emerging personality, who is responsible not only for diligent perception of knowledge, but also for a creative activity, development of their own projects. That is why the world famous university students after graduation are eligible to apply for the position, which corresponds to their qualifications, as evidence by providing prospective employer a series of different student projects.

Student exhibitions are usually held in higher educational institutions that teach creative professions. In such exhibits, high school students have the opportunity to show the public their work in the field of painting, hairdressing, various crafts (pottery, embroidery, sculpture, etc.), music, photography, theater, etc.

The exhibition enables students to not only present a general review of the results of their work, but also to hear an assessment of authoritative critics, which is very important for the creator. On the one hand, the art is very changeable sphere that is free of unambiguous interpretation of a phenomenon: many creators who in life were considered mediocre, are revered to this day, and their masterpieces worth millions. On the other, the assessment of an experienced critic can give a new food for thought, push on new ideas, and serve as a starting point for further development of an artist or musician.

In addition, the exhibitions are often the possibility to find a job – some students exhibit their photos and offer photography services, others are noticed by producers, directors, filmmakers (actors, musicians). The reason is that exhibitions are visited not only by students and academics, but also known artists who are looking for new talents. And if advertising is paid attention to and exhibition is actively advertised in the media, among the students of other universities, the number of people is coming here of all the social strata of the population.

Student exhibition carries some competitive idea – because in this case, the result appears not as the A-Mark, but the assessment of student abilities and creativity by other people (both professionals and non-professionals). And every student wants to show his best work, to use in the preparation all the mental strengths. There are cases when the brightest and most original masterpieces were created not on a whim, but during the preparation for the exhibition of works.

Practice shows that the benefits of student exhibitions fully justify the means and forces spent for organizing this event. So, for example, the Norwich University College of the Arts is one of the best specialized schools of England in the field of art, design and media. University that has earned its reputation for excellence for 165 years attracts talented students, who want to study in a unique campus in the heart of one of the most beautiful cities in the UK. Here to an annual arts festival artists, musicians and performers come from all over the world.

Students are taught by teachers who are artists, designers, and manufacturers. Students gain knowledge through practical sessions in the studio working with manuals, online briefings, national and international competitions, as well as classes that are held by the invited lecturers, and workshops with creative professionals. Therefore, most modern universities should adopt this tradition and to regularly provide its students with the opportunity to show off their talent to the world.

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