One More Year With Assignment Expert

One More Year With Assignment Expert

One more year with Assignment expert came to its end. We sincerely hope that you’ve had a great time with us and we can’t wait to improve our services and please you even more! Here, we are going to prove you our success gained during 2015 with numbers. And if you haven’t known yet, our website has important news and several useful updates which we’ll also show you in our New Year Assignment Expert post. Enjoy!

How we grew during this year

New helping-with-your-homework services appear almost every day, but thanks to the customers’ trust, our company remains on one of the leading positions in this sphere worldwide. It’s not a guestimate: by today, our experts may boast 7800 successfully completed assignments this year. Despite the number is a bit less than it was in 2014, we still have a reason to be proud of: we became legal.

At the beginning of the previous year, we received a serious claim from Google about inappropriate advertising actions and, therefore, were removed from Google search results page. Our methods like paid links appeared to be old-fashioned and violating Google’s Guidelines. Therefore, Google made a condition for us to modify or delete the old advertisements and descriptions of our service.

The whole process took several months to improve pages of our website and delete backlinks. The number of new customers reduced immensely, but our regular clients still kept our experts busy. After we regained Google’s trust, without any violations, we found our website on even better position than it had been previously. And even though in 2015 we failed to set a new record in a number of tasks completed, we aim at breaking all records in 2016.

One more great thing is that our staff now counts more experts available in different subjects than we had previous year.  Now you may see that from now on 820 specialists will fight for your task:

What opportunities you have with Assignment Expert

Now, you may see the results of our work here:

arrow_upAssignment Expert website offers you homework assistance from the experts in almost every college or university subject. We not only provide you with answers to your questions but also give all necessary explanations and tutorials connected with your homework and subjects you study. We continue to develop Homework Answers service and motivate experts to respond faster.

arrow_upDeveloping blog of our website opens you the world of interesting facts, scientific articles, tips, news and explanations of scientific theories.

arrow_upOur social networks  Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr, created for your convenience, give you a chance to address us for the advice and have fun with our scientific humor.

arrow_upHomework Community on Google+ enables you to put any questions and we’ll help you with them for free.

arrow_upYou can also find our entertaining and educational pages: Assignment Expert, Math, Physics, Programming, Writing, Engineering, ChemistryBiology, and Questions.

arrow_upWhat we especially advise you to try is Assignment Expert YouTube channel. The whole topic in math can be prepared at once and explained within 5 minutes, check it out and make sure! Moreover, we collect interesting commentaries and questions to our videos and shoot video answers to them.

Apart from these, another cool news is that from now on, our website has updated pages of users’ accounts: interface became even more convenient. We reorganized categories of subjects and added new ones. The system now allows you to find the category and submit your task faster and easier.

Overall, our experts managed to successfully help with 97,7% of the assignments in 2015. The comments of our grateful customers speak for themselves:


At the end of the year 2015, we want to thank our customers for their trust and returning to our service. Let your 2016 be amazing and we are already waiting for you in January!

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