Is Assignment Expert Legit?

Is Assignment Expert Legit?

At least once per life, each of us desperately wishes to put his or her duties on somebody else’s shoulders due to the lack of time or desire to complete any matter. And no wonder – laziness is an engine for progress, which enabled humanity to invent robots, mobile phones and washing machines so as to make their lives easier. But what if it touches not only daily routine but an academic life? Can students also simplify their college life by asking for help, is it even legal? Let’s try to find an answer to this and some other questions.

From the point of view of Academic Integrity Code, any homework accomplished and provided by specialized services or tutors for students is considered either dishonest and therefore should be punished or simply immoral, but not necessarily illegal. Despite this, according to the conducted research, 73% of the interviewed, including students, graduates and teachers agree that most students do cheat at their colleges and universities. Besides, 86% of high school students also agreed. However, many of you ask us a lot of questions related to this topic on Facebook, this is why we’ve decided to dot all the i’s concerning our services, so we shall answer to some claims, which are quite predictable and can be logically explained. 

Everybody is definitely interested in the mentioned above, whether for money or not, but is this actually legal? And the answer is yes, Assignment Expert is a trading name of BrainRouter LTD, established in the United Kingdom, which has been performing professional scientific and technical activities worldwide. Our services comprise academic research and help on different levels both for free and for money, so whether to judge it for being dishonest or praise for helping in need is a matter of your and your educational establishment’s personal concern.



Our experts’ work is represented in several different forms, thus, one cannot simply state that students straightly buy their homework from us. The first level of our help, indeed, consists of online writing and calculating assistance which is also accompanied with necessary tutorials and explanations from our experts. We do take a reasonable sum of money for this just like all the tutors around the world do for teaching any subject in private.

Homework? We can do it!Moreover, students who turn to us for help are not necessarily kids seeking easy ways of gaining their grades or, as you may say, success. We often provide help to students of colleges and universities when they do not have time to write an essay in English for they, say, major in computer science or are busy with their work or private life.  Apart from those, we help people with Ph.D. in conducting their researches when they get stuck with this or that issue as well as help anybody get prepared for the exams.

Our tutors care about the students and systematically upload new lecturing videos to our YouTube channel answering their questions and explaining plenty of topics in technical disciplines. Free Homework Answers section also offers our customers to get quick help with academic questions of different kinds to again save their time and money for doing more important things. The same function is performed by our experts in Homework Help community on G+.

One of our definite pluses is that by providing academic assistance, we do not break any authorship rules by plagiarizing and, needless to say, every research is originally performed by the certain expert in the area, so you may check it with any turnitin-thing. The additional proof of our “no-problem” service is 98% index of successfully completed assignments. If you still doubt whether it is a kind of cheating, just try once and you’ll see. Remember, it is always better to ask for help timely than find an excuse and fail later.

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