How To Survive First Day At College

How To Survive First Day At College

Hey, the great day is coming and the studying is about to start. Don’t worry about the summer now (you’ll have more of them later), worry about your first day at college. Or, probably, you better should not because everyone around you is also worried. You must have heard a lot of advices on how not to fail that, so let’s summarize them and add more useful tips to get lucky.1. Do not oversleep or be late. Your first appearance in the class makes your reputation, so show what a good time-manager you are. Now, set the alarm immediately. Or even two of them. Discover Top 20 Wake up songs to choose the right one.

2. Have a fresh look. Why do you need that? Cause everybody will say “Do you remember that guy with eye bags?” for the whole year long. Well, that’s a bit exaggerated, but still, take a shower, get a cup of coffee, use eye concealer or wear some make-up and  put on a light smile. And here are some steps for girls to impress on the first day.

3. Talk to people. The more students you meet the better chances you have to get new friends really fast. It will be useful in the first month of studying since all students are pretty confused at this time and any support is quite helpful. But don’t do this

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4. Don’t get lost. Study the territory and the campus beforehand, learn each corner so that you could built the shortest route. And well, you’ll be able to help that nice chick to get to her room.

5. Remember to take supplies as you won’t write anything down with your finger. Borrowing them from your group mates is neither a good option. If you’re not going to take notes on your first day, just be sure you have a pen to at least write down the syllabus.

6. Don’t get mad with your parents who want to help you. They are same nervous as you, so just let them in to do something for you, be those unpacking, laundry, cooking or whatever. They simply want to see the life in which you’ll be engaged for several years.


7. Be hospitable with your room guests, treat them well and don’t even try to escape. Spending time on your own on the first day (and even night) is not a good idea. Try going out with your roommate in the evening or take somebody to the party (there will be one, be sure).

8. Find a lunch crew. Set a time when to meet and have a meal and wait for each other. Even if you can’t find, or your new friend is being late to have a dinner with you (got lost?), don’t be afraid to sit with a group of people who you’ve found interesting, they will not beat you for that.

9. Be yourself! Don’t make up new names or put on strange clothes, show what you are and who you are.

And good luck there! If any other problems, you can consult with those.

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