How to Concentrate on Homework

How To Focus On Homework

You’re almost in the middle of your studying year, but you still can’t concentrate on your homework. And you know perfectly well that if you don’t, chances are you may fail. But wait, what’s going on? Even a white wall distracts you from studying and seems more interesting than a course book. Is there a way to become self-disciplined for a while? Yes, there is and we’re going to help you with that.

We all know this famous

but nobody actually realizes the power which one may get with the advanced level of concentration. Moreover, improving this skill may appear to be fun and we’re going to show you that focusing on the study is rather a test for yourself, not a burden. To master concentration, you have to, first of all, ask yourself some simple things while doing homework (bet you haven’t done this before). The individual recipe will depend on your answers to the following:

  1. Where do you study?
  2. How long can you read/write/learn difficult material before losing concentration?
  3. What’s on your mind at the moment?
  4. What are your distractions?

Pretty easy, huh? Let’s start from the very first: where you study. No matter what you answer, analyze whether this place coincides with the perfect place for studying in your imagination. Should it be quiet and light or the colorful one with the music background? Create your own atmosphere by finding out where you work best. If you need to add some pleasant smells – add them. Wanna cookies? Take some! Here are more ways to get your piece of cake


Next goes your patience and diligence. Choose the best time to study. It comes not necessarily after classes: you may either need to wait until the inspiration appears, or, oppositely, start working once you are home, so try different options. And having chosen the most proper period of time, conduct another experiment. Track your productive hours. No jokes, just do your homework as usual and watch the time when you are creative full of energy (or at least half full, we know that it’s been a hard day) until the time when you start being exhausted. Do not exaggerate that you’re already exhausted, work for yourself at least a bit and you’ll get quick results.

After you finish with finding those ‘hours of labor’, try to repeat them each day at the same scheduled comfortable for you time. A bit later you may want to add +10 minutes every time you study. This is how you may extend your productive time and have 4 hours instead of 3 only in 6 days. You’ll brain will get used to it quickly.

Now, you’re at your desk (not bed – it won’t keep you alert). Take a notebook and write down everything that disturbs you right now. This will help to return to those thoughts later. Get down to studying!

Oh, and the last one. Is something still distracting you? Put that aside. Yes, the gadgets as well. Block the factors that prevent you from concentrating on the one thing that matters now. Of course, you know this rule, but make sure you follow it. And always remember, if you have too much homework and cannot physically fit into your productive hours, our experts in any subject are always ready to help you with any assignments.

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