How Students Can Cheat on Homework Legally

Homework cheating

Many students have tried cheating in school in one way or another. During exams, it’s common for students to pass notes, write down the answers in a small piece of paper, or use codes to give answers to their neighbors. One can argue that cheating is more prevalent when doing assignments. Since there will be no prying answers from the teachers, students feel free to help one another, with some blatantly copying homework from a groupmates to avoid exerting any effort on research. This practice should be frowned upon, but there are ways in which students can legally cheat on their homework.

Students Admit Cheating

According to a Pew Research Center study, 35 percent of teenagers admit to cheating by using their smartphones to complete their assignments or tests. The same survey reveals that 65 percent of students have witnessed their fellow students use their phones in school to find answers to test exams. Teachers find themselves in a tough spot because cheating has evolved over the years. Thanks to smartphones, students can now communicate with their friends quickly and search online while sneakily hiding their devices from the eyes of their teachers.

This isn’t to say that teachers can’t do anything to stop the use of smartphones in school. Strict implementation of rules during exams can hinder students from accessing their smartphones. Other methods can also be used such as giving out two sets of exam papers and roaming around to ensure that nobody does something unusual.

Teachers, however, shouldn’t only focus on how to stop cheating. It’s better to determine why students cheat in the first place. Learning the reasons behind students resorting to cheating holds the key to helping address the root of the problem and encourage these students to develop good study habits.

Why students cheat

Why Students Cheat

Although cheating is commonplace in almost all classroom settings, many students may not even recognize that they’re cheating even if they share answers or use smartphones. And even for those who know full well that their practices constitute cheating, they may decide to go on with their ways due to intense academic pressure. Teachers and parents may be placing too much of a burden on their shoulders, forcing them to cheat even if there’s always a risk of getting caught.

Low grades usually equate to taking remedial classes, losing scholarships, or getting thrown out of the varsity team. These circumstances are ones in which no student wants to find himself or herself. They feel that there’s no other way to get good grades other than cheating.

It’s also important to recognize the after-school responsibilities of students. College students, in particular, often juggle school with part-time jobs. They barely have any time left to do their homework as they need to go to work right after leaving school. Student-athletes face the same problem. Cheating appears to be the best time-saving option.

Of course, many students are simply looking for shortcuts. After all, it’s easier to use a smartphone to look up homework answers than study for hours. There’s no excuse for this behavior, but it’s worth noting that what seems to be a behavior often associated with a delinquent student may prove to be beneficial in the long run.

How to Cheat on Homework Legally

It may not make sense initially, but students can learn how to cheat on their homework legally. In fact, one shouldn’t even label these methods as cheating. They can be just what the students need to get back on track as they sort out their other responsibilities and develop better habits.

For one, using online assignment assistance services has been helpful for countless students. This service works by accepting homework assistance requests from students, and they get matched with a real professional to complete their assignment. Students indicate the deadline to ensure that they’ll receive their homework and submit it on time.

How is this not cheating? At first, it appears as though this practice doesn’t differ from one student asking another to do his or her homework. But by working with a real professional who specializes in the subject, students can supplement their learning and perhaps even find new approaches to understand the lessons. More importantly, there’s no time pressure involved. They have all the time in the world to review the assignment they receive and study the areas they find most difficult.

Is Assignment Expert a homework cheat website?

Assignment Expert is a prime example, a leading provider of online homework assistance for high school and university students. Aside from having experts in a variety of school subjects, what makes them different is that they provide students with the option of requesting a detailed explanation of their assignment. This explanation serves as their guide as they try to understand the subject on their own. Most students find this useful, as many teachers just check their assignments and then move on to the next topic without helping them correct their mistakes.

In essence, this method of completing assignments offers students an excellent solution regardless of the reason why they need help with their homework. Whether they lack time because of a part-time job or they simply don’t understand the topic, getting help from real experts can be just what they need to ace their homework questions and aid their learning at the same time.

It’s unfair to label this practice as cheating, especially if students do it for no other reason than to perform better in school. Students who miss classes due to illness or emergency situations stand to gain the most benefit from this way of cheating on homework legally. It gives them the opportunity to get up to speed on their subjects while having experts who can guide them throughout the process.

Sometimes, students just need help in coming up with their schoolwork as they navigate their busy schedule or deal with a particularly difficult topic with its specific questions. There’s nothing wrong with seeking professional assistance until they’re in a position to study without any distraction and do their assignments all on their own.

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