6 Types of Students Teachers Don’t Like

students type teachers dont like

Anyone who has attended school will agree that teachers often show preference over certain students for one reason or another. It is not that the teacher is biased with anyone; it’s just that the teacher does not like the way some of the student’s study or pay attention in class. 

Why does my teacher hate me

Some teachers are very obvious with their approach to the students they don’t like while some teachers prefer keeping their feelings to themselves. But the bigger question here is why don’t teachers like some of the students? It is hard for students to understand because they live in their own world and think what they are doing is always correct. However, there are many reasons apart from the academic ones that teachers tend to focus on.

1. Latecomers

Teachers try to instill discipline and punctuality into the lives of students, but if you are one of those going against the crowd, your teacher will frown upon you. Arriving at your classes on time is essential to create a good impression. Not everyone is academically brilliant, and the teachers understand that. But if you get into the books of latecomers, even your favorite teacher will not like you after a while. So, make sure you leave early for school and don’t waste time on the school premises. If you don’t want your teachers to dislike you, be punctual. That’s the first step you can take to have a better relationship with your second parents.

2. The nervous nerd

It is natural to feel anxious about subjects that you are weak at, but that doesn’t mean reaching the point of a nervous breakdown. Some students have too many questions on every topic. They try to clarify everything they learn and what they are about to learn. This often irritates the teacher, and soon you will notice that the teacher is avoiding such students. Teachers love studious pupils, but when studying becomes an obsession and turns into a nervous wreck, it becomes a reason for disliking the student, too.

3. The disturbing element

Teachers often have a tough time handling so many different students in one class. You have to salute their patience and sense of understanding and their ability to tolerate the nuisances of students year after year. But one thing that all teachers dislike in common is a student who talks and disturbs other students in the class. There is a rhythm that teachers follow while teaching and if that rhythm breaks because of a student, it can make them very angry.

Student who talks and disturbs other students

Yes, if it is a medical emergency, the teacher will always understand. But when students talk with their classmates while the teacher is explaining a topic, it can seriously tick them off. Keep all the talking in between class breaks. When a teacher is teaching, listen. If you miss out on some key points, you will be the one in trouble during the tests and while doing your homework.

4. The excuse giver

Whether you are late for class or haven’t come to school or finished your homework – there will always be an excuse for your mistakes. Your teacher will excuse you once, he/she will excuse you twice, but as soon as the mistake becomes a habit, you will be in the bad books of the teacher.

You can solve the problem of punctuality and regular attendance by being on time, but how will you solve the problem of incomplete homework? And what excuses will you come up with every time? If you are facing difficulty understanding a course in which you have homework, you can seek help from online tutors. Assignment Expert, for one, is always ready and willing to assist students in completing their homework while providing thorough explanations at the same time. Once you understand the topic, your enthusiasm to complete your daily assignments will increase. Soon, you won’t have to give excuses to the teacher for not completing your homework.

5. The Bully

There’s always a Draco Malfoy with Crabbe and Goyle beside him to bully other students in the class. Teachers not only dislike but hate such students. All teachers will universally agree that bullying should be strictly prohibited, but some students find ways to bully other kids in the class. Those can either be students in the same class or maybe their juniors. Regardless, this bad habit is one thing that teachers won’t tolerate. You will see that these students are often suspended and have to meet with the principal more often than they attend classes. So, stay away from them to keep yourself safe from punishment.

6. The sarcastic one

Another category that teachers hate the most, it is acceptable when you crack a joke when the teacher is not teaching, but if you tend to pass a remark or comment on the subject while the session is ongoing, it can create an awful impression on the teacher. Being sarcastic is okay, but you shouldn’t show off in front of the teacher. Remember, you may be smart, but your teachers are smarter. You may be the Chandler Bing of your class and make your classmates laugh during lunch break, but make sure you leave your sarcasm in the lunchroom, and not take it to class as well. It will be embarrassing if your teacher asks you a question and you are not able to answer, and the teacher passes a sarcastic comment in front of everyone. You are a student first and foremost. So, keep your A-game in check when you enter the class.

Teachers have an open mind at the start of each class. The new faces, the challenge to know new students, and creating a long-lasting teacher-student relationship are what teachers love and thrive upon. But if you tend to be one of the categories of students mentioned above, your career as a student may not be as smooth as you expect. So, buckle up and improve because teachers like students who try to overcome their bad habits and become a better person.

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