Factoring Number homework tips

When you are given a homework assignment on factoring numbers you may, of course, easily finish it using one of numerous online scripts created to solve this kind of problems. However, it is always better for a student to find out how to deal with such tasks on your own in order to avoid resorting to the math help of others in future.

Factors are the numbers that you have to multiply in order to get the number in question. For example, if your assignment is to find factors of 10 you can easily say that they are 2×5. However, the answers are not always that simple. For example, take number 12. Its factors can be 2×6, 3×4, 1×12. But when we speak about solving a factoring problem we generally speak about prime-number factors. Primes are the numbers that can only be divided by 1 and themselves; 1 itself, however, is not included in them, for it may be used anywhere. The list of first prime-factors may help you when performing this kind of assignment. Thus, there cannot be many solutions to the homework dealing with factoring. Speaking about our example with 12, its prime-number factors are 2x2x3. Pay attention to the fact that the answer to the assignment includes repetition of one and the same factor – when you are doing the homework dealing with factors, you should divide the number in question by the smallest prime number no matter how many times one and the same number is used.

See? It is not that difficult – a little bit of practice and you won’t have to use the help of solvers to do your homework anymore. Though this is one of the basics learnt in high school, one may forget such things over time and find himself in a pinch when at college or university. You can always rely on our service to provide you any kind of help on this and any other academic questions.

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