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When a student first encounters the term “absolute value” in the math assignment he is supposed to do, it may be rather baffling, but in fact there isn’t anything really difficult about it. You may get all the necessary help, materials and consultations concerning your homework from our service if you need it, and from this short article you’ll get the answers to basic questions concerning absolute value.

Absolute value, or modulus, sometimes appears in mathematical questions and means the numerical value of a number without regard to its sign. E.g., number 10 is the absolute value of both 10 and -10. The term plays an important role in solutions of mathematical problems concerning distance, magnitude and norm and is applied in a wide variety of mathematical contexts (vectors, ordered rings, fields etc.). Thus, you may meet an assignment dealing with absolute value not only in homework during your years in high school, but college and university as well, if you choose to pursue mathematical career. Anyway, we are always ready to supply you with help and consultation on these and any other mathematical matters.

Solvers of absolute value equations are of course present on the Web, but even an automatic online program cannot serve as the substitute for actual knowledge. Solving the tasks in assignments dealing with absolute value is commonly associated with finding their absolute difference, the standard metric on the real numbers. The answers to this kind of problems are always absolute values of the numbers, i.e., |x-y|. Following rules may be of help when learning it, as well as during performing your homework exercises:

|x-y|≥0, for absolute value is never negative,

|x-y|=0 only when x=y,


This should make your homework easier. For further help on your assignments on absolute value, study other material present on our website.

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