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Have Fun Training Your Brain

How to train your brain?

The modern mathematicians constantly force the brain to come up with the new solutions and ideas, being in a constantly brainstormed condition. Same as body, the brain needs training. Development and strengthening of such skills as attention, memory, logic and quick thinking is vital to stay in good intellectual form. In recent years, there has been formed a separate niche of Internet projects, which are designed to develop or disclose people’s ability. There are hundreds of thousands of applications and here we’re going to talk about them. (more…)

What Will Homework of Future Look Like?

What will homework of future look like?

Every day you can be surprised by homework facts: there’s always something new about devices which help us to do homework as well as about new cheating gadgets. Previously we’ve also told you everything about HW roots and history . And now, fancy, what a future of homework will be? What do you place your stake on? Will it be changed? Or will no longer exist? (more…)

Let Me Copy Your Homework?

Can I copy your homework?

– Can I borrow your homework?

– Let me copy your homework.

– Hey man, can I see your HW?

Are there any other options of how those cheaters try to steal your assignment, your grade, and a piece of your knowledge? Dozens. And what is your response each time? Well, go the hell away, you’re welcome! What happens to your dignity and courage each time? And you for sure want to know how to handle those frequent requests. (more…)

Cheating at College

Cheating at College

No matter whether or not you have ever cheated at college, you’ve at least thought about it for sure. 73% of students admit cheating on written work one or more times annually. Thus, not many people prefer to fail with honor than to win by cheating. It has become an integral surviving factor for modern student: a real cheating industry has been developed with all those gadgets and techniques. However, teachers got it and designed strategies to deal with dishonesty at classes. But don’t bite your nails, we’ll give you some must-do and must-not-do so that nobody would suspect you like the other poor guys. (more…)

Differential-Psychophysiological Types of Learning Activities

This article will help to learn whether typological features of the display of the nervous system properties and the temperament have an impact on the success of educational activities, which styles of learning activities students use, what pedagogical strategies are more advantageous for students with different typological features, which styles of activity and communication teachers with different typological features use.

GeekHub – a New Format for the Knowledge Exchange in IT Field

GeekHub is a social project (community / movement / courses), which aims at free education of young people with practical knowledge in the field of IT for the specialty. Through this event, young people acquire practical skills, which are so often lacking after receiving academic education. Specialized education is not required – you need only general skills in IT and a strong desire to acquire new knowledge. Successful completion of the course means that graduates can apply as a junior developer at any company, where they can start their career as a real IT-person. (more…)

“Summerhill” Free School. What can you learn?

“Summerhill” School has a lot of enemies and a lot of well-wishers. Founded in 1921, it has gone through a lot and is said to have “so far ahead of its time”. BBC shot a feature film about the school that left a few to impress. What are the principles of this school?

“The purpose of the child is to live his/her own life. Not the one about the dream of his/her troubled parents, and not the one that a teacher offers while he/she thinks that knows better”. These are the words of Alexander Sutherland Neill, the founder of the “Summerhill” School, the school based on democracy and freedom.


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