DIY Valentine’s Day Ideas for Students

No matter whether you’re a freshman or an undergraduate, if you are a student, it is obvious that holidays and parties can’t help coming to your place one after another. And the thing is usually the celebration and the gifts are of a greater value than the meaning of the holiday itself. So, whether you are in a relationship right now or not, you may greet some people with St.Valentine’s Day if they mean something to you. And let’s find out how to create nice things and unusual decorations for this holiday on your own.

If you are going to invite somebody to your place or even have a party, you obviously must have several preparations done. There are three elements which save in the last minute: chocolate, hearts and flowers. Would be perfect to have at least chocolate hearts and paper flowers. But if you have several days to get ready with the stuff around your place, we’ll show you some ideas.

How to Create St. Valentine’s Day Mood

Even being fed up with hearts, remember, that there always may be something new about them. Bet you haven’t thought about tea hearts for you beloved yet


If you can’t throw studying out of your mind and nothing creative comes to you, borrow the idea of the library catalogue. Say, you both have had really nice experience during some of your dates and you don’t want those memories to fade away. Create a pack of cards which will contain the date, some information and your emotions. Or, even better, jokes. And have fun reading them with your boyfriend or girlfriend!


Needless to remind you of food, but let’s look at some recent Valentine’s day trends. These delicious hearts are a must even if you want to be alone during the whole day. The quick recipe of cookies costs nothing, but their taste is priceless. Besides, you may use it for any holiday, making, for example, creepy fingers for Halloween or Christmas trees – just choose the needed form.

Get rid of bad thoughts and dive into celebration; if you have plenty of time, it’s great opportunity to make up more than 100 cute things from this list. If the semester has just started, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have a right to party hard. One more tip – forget about your classes, books and homework. Even if you can’t – rely those things on Assignment Expert: we’ll be happy to help you with your assignments while you’re having fun. Besides, you’d better hide every single sign of your college books like this and have a great time


How to Survive Being Single

When you are to spend this holiday on your own, don’t get upset immediately as there are a lot of pros. First of all, you will save a lot of money by ignoring presents, cards and decorations. And look, you will definitely avoid relationship drama or sentiments. Do what you want, after all, have a date with yourself and buy presents for only your precious self.Anyway, if you are on campus alone, you are lucky Kevin McCallister. Prepare the most delicious dinner, get any snacks you want and celebrate yourself,

Anyway, if you are on campus alone, you are lucky Kevin McCallister. Prepare the most delicious dinner, get any snacks you want and celebrate yourself. Arrange the movie fest or… plan an anti-Valentine’s Day party! And eventually, don’t forget to come back again to tell us how you spent it. Have a nice time!

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