Can Too Much Homework Violate Student’s Rights?

Can Too Much Homework Violate Student's Rights?

Parents take their kids to school from the best motives hoping that it is exactly what they need to become happy, self-assertive and successful in the future. A deplorable fact is that sometimes educational establishments can fail to meet parents’ and child’s expectations. Schools, colleges, and universities nowadays are more likely to be the product of history rather than the result of scrupulous investigation of studying process and desire to improve it since the traditions haven’t changed, only the equipment was improved. The most noticeable and ambiguous issue among the number of pros and cons of contemporary schooling appears to be the amount of homework. Trying to find out how advantageous and useful homework is, we simply stuck between the questions of its size and relevance. Thus, does this activity violate our rights of freedom being troublesome and labor-intensive?

To some extent yes, it does. According to Article 31 of  Convention on the Rights of the Child, states ‘recognize the right of the child to rest and leisure, to engage in play and recreational activities appropriate to the age of the child and to participate freely in cultural life and the arts’ and ‘ shall respect and promote the right of the child to participate fully in cultural and artistic life and shall encourage the provision of appropriate and equal opportunities for cultural, artistic, recreational and leisure activity.’ And after reading all these beautiful moments promising plenty of free time to be spent actively, we still end up doing homework. Besides, it would be nice to know how teacher will react to your “I haven’t done my homework because the Constitution guarantees me leisure and freedom to visit places of interest and develop socially.”


It appears to be too time-consuming task, especially when we cannot put our finger on the matter of subject. It is rarely interesting enough to make a student be enthusiastic about doing it quickly and efficiently. Moreover, if the college doesn’t care about the quality of teaching and fails to provide one with enough knowledge, this can be solved by giving extra explanations to the student by a qualified expert, say, personal tutor, however, it again requires extra time and money. Thus, by stealing free time and expenses it brings lots of harm to our  psyche and provokes stress. Failures with homework or its deadline can lead to mental instability and, eventually, cause the nervous breakdown.

Tackling the aforementioned does not guarantee further absence of problems. Just count how much time a student spends in front of the computer concentrating on its screen during the day socializing and add to this time spent on homework. It is a serious threat to eyes, brain, and posture. It is one more violation since our health is to be secured, but no one will compensate us what we lose while working at the computer. To prevent different physical disorders, it is necessary to change position all the time, to do exercise for eyes and have enough rest (not 6 hours of sleep per night as students tend to have). Socialization with friends and outdoor activities alleviate stress but what if a student simply does not have private time for that.

According to a Norwegian doctor S. Fredricksen, homework is the violation of human rights that destroys the border between school and home, thus it is essential to load the child less and to help him or her with homework no matter how difficult or considerable it seems to be. Normally, students start asking parents for help or use Yahoo and Google searches which are not always useful, so you’re like:


However, instead of wasting time on useless page scrolling, one can try online services aimed at homework help. Our service, in this case, appears to be quite helpful. Experts here are highly qualified tutors ready to help anyone online within the stated time at a reasonable cost. Don’t start to blame it for making children lazy and less motivated. The greatest benefit of Assignment Expert is that our team guarantees to provide detailed explanations concerning each accomplished work and shoot video tutorials for any question. It gives a chance not only to get excellent homework saving time for things of higher priority but also to reduce blind spots in studying.

Researchers all over the world have shown that people of all ages study better when they have their own motivation and gain their achievements that help them to set more and more goals. Consequently, when people start to understand something, they feel happier and begin to explore more within the topic without extra mental and physical efforts because it brings them contentment and satisfaction. So can you!

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