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Many electronic appliances and equipment such as computers, televisions and advertising boards requires dc voltages to operate the electronic components and parts in them. Starting with an ac voltage supplied to the homes or offices, a steady dc voltage can be easily obtained by rectifying the ac voltage, filtering to a dc level and regulating the dc output to obtain a desired fixed dc voltage to power these appliances or equipment. Nowadays, integrated circuits have been widely used to obtain regulation. As an electronic engineer, you have been asked to design a regulated dc power supply employing IC voltage regulators based on the engineering principles you have acquired. Your design must provide an adjustable dc voltage output.
Design an arbitrary counter which generates multiples of 3 at the output. But, the output is never greater than 30. Further, two successive outputs are always greater than 5. First, draw state diagram, write all the design steps and draw the final circuit.
Question 6: https://ibb.co/zFF2LL4
Question 4: https://ibb.co/bFB7B1R
Question 3: https://ibb.co/r5Yx7Dj
Question 8: https://ibb.co/HpRNJmj
Design a 25MVA, 33kV/12kV distribution substation for which you must describe and specify its layout (bus type and arrangement, voltage and spacing, protection,), construction and cost. Decide on the location.
Justify your assumptions and design.
Find the frequency response and impulse response of a system whose input x(t) and
output y(t) are related to the differential equation :

Example 3.8: Two electric Furnaces are supplied with single-phase circuit at 100 V from

& 3-phase, 13,750 V supply by means of two single-phase Scott-connected transformers with

similar seco;z dary windings when the load on main transformer is 625 kW and on the teaser

is 1000 kW, zohat current will flow in each of 3-phase lines at unity power factor ?

If v(t) = 10 cos(120πt+30o
) and i(t) = 6 cos(120πt+60o
), determine the average power, rms value of v(t),
and the power factor
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