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1a) Propose two methods for the excitation and energy extraction from a coaxial resonator

1b) Determine the maximum possible energy stored in a cubical resonator air-filled cavity with a=b=d=10cm, at a resonant frequency corresponding to the TE​101 wave. The electric strength of air is 30kV/cm

Devise a Monte Carlo algorithm that determines whether a permutation of the integers 1 through n has already been sorted (that is, it is in increasing order), or instead, is a random permutation. A step of the algorithm should answer “true” if it determines the list is not sorted and “unknown” otherwise. After k steps, the algorithm decides that the integers are sorted if the answer is “unknown” in each step. Show that as the number of steps increases, the probability that the algorithm produces an incorrect answer is extremely small. [Hint: For each step, test whether certain elements are in the correct order. Make sure these tests are independent.]
Can I send pictures of a circuit problem?
sketch the schematic diagram to control dc motor using relay +12. write a program in c language to monitor the status of the switch and perform the following.
1:if p2.5 =0 the dc motor moves 40% duty cycle pulse.
2: if p2.5 =1 then dc motor moves 75% duty cycle pulse.
A small motor rated at 50 Va, 120 V and with a power factor of 0.65 lagging.
a) Determine the current of the motor.
b) What is the capacitance of the capacitor to be connected across the motor to make the power factor 0.94?
c)What will be the line current upon the addition of the capacitor?
2. To make Port B an output port, we must place ………………. In register.…………

3. To make Port B an input port, we must place ……………….. In register…………..

in MBLAP X IDE , PIC KIT 3 , Xc8
Nano fillers and their heat transfer properties in transformer oil
What is the distribution of the cross-sectional area of a reinforced-concrete column which is a) A square with equal sides, each equal to a random variable Z with a lognormal distribution with the following parameters: median m and standard deviation of its logarithm lnZ? b) A “random square” with sides Z1 and Z2, two identically distributed independent random variables each distributed like Z in part (a) above? c) Which model of the column area implies a larger dispersion? Note that model (a) is the same as (b) if Z1 and Z2 are assumed to be not independent but perfectly correlated, that is, Z1 = Z
Given 3 int values, a b c, return their sum. However, if any of the values is a teen -- in the range 13..19 inclusive -- then that value counts as 0, except 15 and 16 do not count as a teens. Write a separate helper "def fix_teen(n):"that takes in an int value and returns that value fixed for the teen rule. In this way, you avoid repeating the teen code 3 times (i.e. "decomposition"). Define the helper below and at the same indent level as the main no_teen_sum().

no_teen_sum(1, 2, 3) returns 6
no_teen_sum(2, 13, 1) returns 3
no_teen_sum(2, 1, 14) returns 3
no_teen_sum(2,1,15) returns 18
What is the difference in construction and action between a poppet valve and a spool valve?
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