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A direct motor is developing 90.6kW at a speed of 2000r/min. The motor is connected to a 480V supply. The cost of electrical energy is 45.4c/kWh and the efficiency of the motor is 86.4%. Calculate the torque available at the shaft of the motor
With the technology scaling and process improvement, do you think that existing CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) will be able to exist in future?
charging and discharging characteristics of DC
(a) Here is the information about the circuit.
Capacitor = 100 nF , Resistor = 47 kΩ ,Supply voltage = 5 V
Charging characteristic for a series capacitive circuit:
v=v(1 − e−t/RC)

 Investigate what the other terms in this expression mean.
 Calculate the time constant for the circuit.
 Use a spreadsheet to plot the charging curve over the range 0 to
20 ms (milliseconds).
 Investigate the meaning of ‘time constant’ and from your graph
estimate a value. Compare this with your calculated one.
 Differentiate the charging equation and find the rate of change of
voltage at 6 ms.
 From your graph measure the gradient at 6 ms and compare this with
the calculated value.

(b) Now investigate the discharging characteristic of the circuit but with a 22 kΩ resistor

 Calculate and estimate the rate of change of voltage when t = T.
calculate the factor of safety in operation for a component subjected to combined direct and shear loading against given failure criteria
assume that the body can be
modeled as a simple resistive element. Assuming the
electrodes are identical, draw the electrical circuit model
of the impedance seen by the impedance measurement
system. Find an equation of the impedance as a function
of s (recall that a resistor of value R has an impedance ZR
= R; a capacitor of value C has an impedance ZC = 1/(sC)).
In the optical communication systems that are in operation today, one uses laser diodes (LD) with λ0≈1550 nm having a spectral width of about 2 nm. [ Dm = 21.5 (ps/km-nm)] Thus, for a 1-km length of the fiber find the material dispersion τm
An electromechanical voltmeter ( range 0-100V) with zero error after calibration has a pointer bias of + 0.5V ( due to transportation). a) If the voltmeter reads 80V what is the absolute error (if such), of measurement with the voltmeter? b)What are the realtive and reduced errors ( if such)?
if C2 went short circuit explain how this would affect the output on the audio amplifier
How can I show that:
1 - the observable part of a controllable system is controllable?
2 - the controllable part of an observable system is observable?
On the attached graph paper, sketch the Bode magnitude and phase plots of the following transfer function: