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Find speed of generator when it has 7.5kw, 20 Amps, B = 0.8w/m2, length = 150mm, diameter 200mm, there are 600 conductors at 65 % below the pole.

I just don't understand the 65% below the pole. Does it relate to phase angle or power factor somehow?
The boundary-value problem
y = 4(y − x), 0 ≤ x ≤ 1, y(0) = 0, y(1) = 2
has the solution y(x) = e^2(e4 − 1)−1(e^2x − e−^2x) + x. Use the Linear Finite-Difference method to
approximate the solution, and compare the results to the actual solution.
a. With h = 1/2
b. With h = 1/4.
Derive mathematical expression of an A.M. wave and indicate the sideband components. Why is the S.S.B. transmission beneficial ?
Draw the time domain wave forms of AM wave for modulation index Ma = 0 and >1.
Write the expression for the channel capacity C of a communication system. If S/N =15 and
B =10,000, calculate C.
Explain, how IC555 timer can be used for recovering a pulse width modulated signal
from pulse position modulated signal?
Calculate the voltage value of a sine wave at 135° whose VRMS= 1000 VAC. Show all work.
In the ARM Cortex M0 instruction set, for the instruction MOVS rx, #n, which hexadecimal digit of the machine code identifies the register, rx, used?
What does the instruction "SUBS rz, ry, rx" mean?
Explain the structure of a CCD camera. How are colour signals obtained using a CCD camera?
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