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Explain the principles of KCL and KVL laws used to solve circuit question.Kindly ponder on how the loop and direction ll help in determining the equations(either a positive or negative current)
Consider a text sentence of your choice whose length is not less than 100 characters/symbols. Calculate the frequencies of the symbols and perform the following. a) Obtain the Huffman code and Shannon-Fano code for each symbol. b) Obtain the Huffman code and Shannon-Fano code for each symbol via hand calculation, by depicting all the steps to construct the corresponding trees. c) Compare the codes from a and b and comment. d) Calculate the total information required to transmit symbol sequence. e) Calculate the coding efficiency.
1. RS-232, RS4-22 and RS485 are all examples of communications __________. 2. Device Net bus network is used to connect ________ devices to controllers. 3. Control Net is used for communications between __________. 4. What are the initial steps for configuring VTSCADA? 5. A ________ network usually refers to a system that coordinates and monitors processes. 6. Open communications networks: a) are based on standards developed through industry associations. b) do not require that you to buy all components from a single supplier. c) do not use a proprietary protocol. d) all of these. 7. A PID Controller: a) is tuned using a signal generator. b) is factory tuned for optimum performance. c) must be custom-tuned to each process. d) both a and b
The data input and data select waveforms are applied to the multiplexer. Determine the output waveforms in relation to the inputs. Also write the Truth table for this multiplexer.
A wire 1000 ft long has a resistance of 0.5 kΩ and an area of 94 CM. Of what material is the wire made (T= 20°C)?
For the following converter, assume LM is in parallel with the primary winding and N1/N2=5. OUESTION 6 Assuming D=0.6, determine the ratio Vo/Vin QUESTION 7 In the previous question, determine IL/Io. QUESTION 8 Determine the RMS value of the following waveform (first do something about the second and 3rd terms). v(t) = 3 + 10cos(wt) + 5sin(wt) + 4cos(3wt) + 2sin(7wt-30) QUESTION 9 Consider the following signal: Starts at the origin. Linearly decreases to -1 by T/6. Remains at -1 until T/3. Then linearly increases to 1 by 2T/3. Remains at 1 for another T/6, and then decreases linearly to 0 at T. T is the period. Solve for a0 QUESTION 10 For the previous question, solve for a5 QUESTION 11 From Question 9, solve for b5. QUESTION 12 From Question 9, solve the RMS value of the fundamental component.
Unless stated otherwise, use 344 m/s for the speed of sound in air. 1. An astronaut visiting another planet measures the speed of sound in that atmosphere to be 950 m/s. She measures the density of the atmosphere to be 3.10 kg/m3. a)What is the bulk modulus of this atmosphere? b)What is the frequency of the 5th harmonic for an organ pipe of length L = 0.750 m open at both ends on this planet? c)Suppose the astronaut now uses her hand to close one end of the pipe. What is the new length of pipe that would be needed to produce a 5th harmonic with the same frequency as you found in b)?
A mild steel ring has a mean circumference of 500 mm and a uniform cross-sectional area of 300 mm2 . Calculate the m.m.f. required to produce a flux of 500 µWb. An airgap, 1.0 mm in length, is now cut in the ring. Determine the flux produced if the m.m.f. remains constant. Assume the relative permeability of the mild steel to remain constant at 220.
What is the most common method of con- trolling the speed of an alternating-current motor?
Design an XNOR gate with two inputs A and B using only NAND gates .Mention the expression in terms of A and B at the output of each NAND gate in your circuit diagram.
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