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Show that during the expansion of a quantity of gas according to the law PV^n = constant,the heat energy transfer Q and W are connected by the expression Q={r - n/r - 1}W .
a quantity of a gas occupies 0.14 m cube at 9.65 bar and 371 degrees Celsius is heated during a constant volume process and the pressure reaches 41.4 bar. The gas is then expanded adiabatically to a pressure of 2.76 bar. Given that R is equal to 0.288 kilo joules per kilogram Kelvin and Gamma is equal to 1.41, calculate: a) the temperature at the beginning of the expansion b) the temperature at the end of the expansion c) the heat energy supplied d) the work energy transferred
The circuit has the following parameters R=195 ohms, C=2.5uF, L1=5mH,L2=4mH 1.find the resonant frequency fr 2. Find the magnitude (in dB) of the transfer function at the resonant frequency fr.
Explain the function of the following bridge circuits: a) Inductance Bridge b) Wheatstone Bridge c) Capacitance Bridge d) Wein Bridge
In a linear series plate modulated amplifier, the plate supply vottage is 300V and the D.C plate current under unmodulated condition is 20A, the sinusoidal modulating voltage which appears in the plate current of modulated complifier has amplitude of 150V and the unmodulated output Carrier power is 4.5KW, find; (i) modulation index (ii) plate current efficiency (iii) Carrier power under modulated condition (iv) plate dissipation under unmodulated and modulated conditions
Design a simple ohmmeter and explain the conditions of the ohmmeter circuit when the terminals to which the unknown resistance is connected “Open” and "Close"
1. Consider a cube with dimension (1 m)x (1 m) x (1 m). It is anchored at the spatial origin and point (1,1, m. All of its faces are parallel to the Cartesian axes, as shown in cube . This cube is filled with air, and all of its six faces are made of perfect electric conductor. There is no source within the cube and the electric field (in phaser form ) within the cube is E(Y,Z)=X^sin(2pi y) sin(2pi z) (V/m) 1. What is angular frequency omega 2.what is time dependent expression of the electric field
Design a simple ohmmeter and explain the conditions of the ohmmeter circuit when the terminal to which the unknown resistance is connected "open" and "close".
A voltmeter reads 128.8V when connected across the component if the true value if the voltage is 112.6V calculate (i) static error (ii) static correction for the voltmeter (iii) Relative error.
The resistance of the two coil of a wattmeter are 2200ohms and non-inductive. The load is taking a current of 25A at 200V and 0.7 power factor lagging. (i) show the ways in which the voltage coil can be connected. (ii) find the error in the reading of the meter in each case.
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