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An outward radial - flow impulse turbine has nozzles with a total effective area of 970mm² and the guide vanes make an angel of 20 degree to the tangent at exit. The inner and outer diameter of the runner are 508mm and 712mm respectively, and the moving vanes have an outlet angle making 20 degree to the tangent. When running at 620rev/min under a head of 61m the discharge is 1.8m cube/min and the power outlet is 11.9kw . The water is observed to leave the runner in a forward direction and inclined at 15 degree to the radius. Assuming the water leaves tangentially to the moving vanes, calculate the head lost in

a) the nozzles

b) the moving vanes

c) bearing friction and windage .

2 mWb is to be produced in the air gap of the magnetic circuit shown in figure 21.17.
How much ampere turns the coil must provide to achieve this?
Relative permeability μr of the core material may be assumed to be constant and equal to
5000. All the dimensions shown are in cm and the sectional area is 25cm2
through out.
Research any three electrical problems found on any three motor vehicles as well as documentation needed to solve the problems.
Range: any three electrical problems examples (any lights, wiper motor, hooter cigarette, lighter). Documentation: current flow diagrams, specifications, manufacturer reports.
A piezoelectric accelerometer has a damping ratio of 0.65, a proof mass of 0.5 grams, and a spring rate of 10,000 N/mm. What is the damped natural frequency in hz of this device? (Type in an integer)

Hint: Make sure your units of measure are consistent first, then use the formulae to calculate the natural and damped natural frequencies.
A newly hired librarian was given a set of 10 new books on Computer and English Each. The stack of computer
books was placed above the English books. The librarian was asked to find the total spent on computer books; prices
were marked on the back cover of the each book. Draw a flowchart and write a code for the process. You can
assume any memory location (1000-4000) and prices (1-100) in hexadecimal.
A shunt generator is converted into a compound generator by adding a series-field winding.
From the test on the generator with shunt excitation only, it is found that (a) a field current
of 8 A gives 240 V at no-load and (b) that 10 A maintains the same voltage at full-load. If the
shunt-field winding has 500 turns per pole, determine the number of series turns required.
State assumptions.

A series generator is operating in the linear region where the flux is directly proportional to the armature current. The armature resistance is 80 mΩ, and the series field-winding resistance is 20 mΩ. At a speed of 1200 rpm, the terminal voltage is 75 V and the armature current is 20 A. What must be the armature current for a terminal voltage of 120 V at 1200 rpm? If it is required to have a terminal voltage of 100 V at an armature current of 25 A, what must be the armature speed? 

A Gunn oscillator creates a resonant frequency of 24.15 GHz. What is the time of flight in nanoseconds within this oscillator? (Type in a four-decimal number)
A Gunn oscillator creates a resonant frequency of 24.15 GHz. What is the time of flight in nanoseconds within this oscillator? (Type in a four-decimal number)
A pyroelectric sensor has the following attributes and measurements:

Sensor capacitance = 200 μF
Sensor area = 2 mm2
Pyroelectric charge coefficient = 12 Coulombs / m2 - °C
Change in temperature across sensor faces = 6.5°C
What is the pyroelectric voltage in volts across the sensor faces?
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