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One of the wheels and leaf springs of an automobile, traveling over a rough road, is

shown in Figure 1 below. For simplicity, all the wheels can be assumed to be

identical and the system can be idealized as shown in Figure 2 below. The

automobile has a mass of m1 = 1000 kg and the leaf springs have a total stiffness of

k1 = 400kN/m. The wheels and axles have a mass of m2 =300kg and the tires have

a stiffness of k2= 500kN/m. If the road surface varies sinusoid ally with an

amplitude of Y = 0.1 and a period of l = 6m find the critical velocities of the �

answer of rod diameter,diameter pf the knuckle pin,, diameter of single eye

The design of the gear-and-shaft system depicted necessitates the use of steel shafts of the same

diameter for both AB and CD. It is also necessary that the maximum pressure be 60 MPa, and that

the angle D through which the end D of shaft CD turns not exceed 1.5°. Determine the needed shaft

diameter using G = 77.2 GPa

In a epicyclic gear train an arm carries two gears A and B having 40 and 60 teeth. If arm rotates at 200 rpm in clockwise direction about the centre of gear A which is fixed makes 300 rpm in the anticlockwise direction, what will be the speed of gear B.

6. A closed container contains 2 kg of fluid on a given datum. The container is now raised

vertically 1000m and the fluid is given a velocity of 50 m/s. The work done ON the fluid is 50 kJ

and the heat added is 30 kJ. If the initial internal energy is U 1 = 20 kJ, find U 2 .

A piston-cylinder containing steam at 700 kPaa and 250 o C undergoes a constant pressure process until the quality is 70%. Determine per kilogram.

A bakery oven is constructed of refractory material having an

average thermal conductivity of 0.8 Btu/hr-ft-F. The inside dimension

of the oven are 7’ x 6’ x 2’. If the wall of the oven is 4.5 in. thick and

the temperature of the inner and outer surfaces are 1200F and 200 F,

respectively, what is the total heat loss per day in the oven wall?

A hollow sphere with 4 in. inside diameter and 12 in. outside 

diameter has an inner surface temperature of 500 F and outer 

surface temperature if 300 F. If the thermal conductivity of the 

sphere material is 25 Btu/hr-ft-F, what is the rate of heat flow?

A hollow sphere of pure iron contains a liquid chemical

mixture which releases 1,000,000 Btu/hr. If the inside diameter

and the outside of the sphere is 0.5 ft. and 1 ft., respectively,

determine the inner surface temperature of the sphere assuming

the outside surface temperature is 100 F.

A 6-in. nominal diameter mild steel pipe (OD=6.625 in.) has an inside

surface temperature of 500 F. The pipe is covered with a 3 in. layer

of 85 percent magnesia insulation which has a surface temperature

of 100 F. Determine the heat loss in Btu/hr-100 ft of pipe.

k for magnesia = 0.043Btu/hr-ft-F

k for steel = 28.2

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