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Determine the density of steam at a pressure of 5.5 bar and dryness fraction 0.85
A hydraulic cylinder with a pressure of 10 MPa. Inner cylinder diameter 10
cm. Cylindrical wall material from FD 35, with a maximum tensile strength of 350
MPa, plunver or piston rod made of S 45 C, with tensile strength
Maximum 700 MPa, the security number is specified 5.
sensor/actuator used in
1air bag
2door lock
3power side mirror
mechatronic components used in
1modern washing machine
2servo driven industrial robot
3automated entry door
The temperature of an ideal gas remains constant while the pressure changes from 2.1 kPag to9.33 bar (gage). (a) If the initial volume is 0.08 m3, what is the final volume in m3?, (b) For 0.77kgm of this gas, determine the change of density (∆
Explain in detail, the latest trends being adopted in the case of disc
Explain in neat sketches, the combi-brake systems being employed
in different kind of motorcycles.
Explain the different ignition systems of two wheelers with neat
Elaborate the different scavenging processes of a two stroke engine
with neat schematics.
Elaborate the different aerodynamic drag reduction strategies
implemented in different categories of motorcycles.
Explain the different categories of two wheelers based on their
application with suitable examples.
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