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The p-type base of a crystalline silicon solar cell, 300μm wide, with an electron diffusion length of 400μm, has a perfectly passivated rear surface, with a zero surface recombination velocity. What is the probability that an electron generated near the back surface is collected at the junction ?
in a chocolate packing unit it takes a standard time of 0.01 hour to pack one carton box. the annual demand is 500000 carton boxes. assuming 1% scrap, calculate the number of men and machines required to complete the task if the packing unit is operational for 40 hours per week with 52 weeks in a year.
In an ideal rankine cycle, steam is generated at 4.1 MPa and 480 degrees C. The condenser is at 32 degrees C. Determine (a) The ideal pump work. (b) The cycle thermal efficiency, (c) For an engine with the same end states, determine its thermal efficiency, steam rate, and map, (d) considering the engine only, assume the brake engine efficiency to be 78%, the generator efficiency to be 92%, the steam flow rate 163,300 kg/hg; compute the output of the combined unit.
The arrival rate of customer at a banking counter follows a ppoisson distribution with a mean of 30 per hours.The service rate of the counter clerk also follows poisons distribution with mean of 45 per hour.1)What is the probability of having zero customer in the system.2)What is the probability of having 8 customer in the system.3)What is the probability of having 12 customers in the system
A1500kg automobile travels eastward at speed of 8m/s it makes a 90°turn to the north in a time of 3 s and continues with the same speed find
a) impulse delivered to the car as a result of the turn
b) average force exerted in the car during the turn
c) average force of the car in the road during the turn
Three adhesives are being analyzed for their impact on the bonding strength of paper in a paper pulp mill.The adhesives are each randomly applied to four batches.The data is given in table . i)is there is a difference among the adhesives in terms of f mean bonding strength?Test at 5% level of significance, ii)Find a 90 % confidence interval for the mean bonding strength of adhesive
A vapour compression plant uses R134a and has a suction saturation temperature of -5°C and a condenser saturation temperature of 45°C. The vapour is dry saturation on entering the compressor and there is no undercooling of condensate. The compression is carried out isentropically in two stages and a flash chamber is employed at an interstage saturation temperature of 15°C. Calculate:
i. the amount of vapour bled off at the flash chamber;
ii. the state of the vapour at the inlet to the second stage of compression;
iii. the refrigerating effect per unit mass of refrigerant in the condenser;
iv. the work done per unit mass of refrigerant in the condenser;
v. the coefficient of performance
A double pipe heat exchanger has an effectiveness of 0.5 when the flow is counter- current and the thermal capacity of one fluid is twice that of the Other fluid. Calculate the effectiveness of the heat exchanger if the direction is of flow of one of the Fluids is reversed with the same mass flow rates as before?
Explain the concept of obtaining a reflection about an arbitrary line starting from the plain reflection about an axis. How do you obtain the orthographic projections of 3D geometric data base?
A mixture of air and water vapour at 1.013 bar and 16 degree C has a dew
point of 5degree C. Calculate the relative and specific humidity’s?
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