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. In Fig. 5-17, the vertical shaft and the pulleys keyed to it may be considered to be weightless. The shaft rotates
with a uniform angular velocity. The known belt pulls are indicated and the three pulleys are rigidly keyed to the
shaft. If the working stress in shear is 50 MPa, determine the necessary diameter of a solid circular shaft. Neglect
bending of the shaft because of the proximity of the bearings to the pulleys.
A plane element is subject to the stresses x= 50 MPa ard y=-50 MPa.From Mohr's cirele determine the stresses acting on a plane inc lined at 20 to the -axis.
A man of mass 80 kg is travelling in a lift which is moving upwards. If the lift
comes to rest from a velocity of 2 m/s in a 2 seconds, find the force exerted by the
man on the lift floor if the deceleration is constant. What would be the reaction if the
lift were travelling downwards?
Two kg of steam with a quality of 30% is heated at a constant pressure of 300KPa until the
temperature reaches 600 °C. Calculate the work done by the steam
The heat transfer from a 2 m diameter sphere to a 25 °C air stream over a time interval of one
hour is 3000 kJ. Estimate the surface temperature of the sphere if the heat transfer coefficient is
10 W/m2 K
Determine the moving boundary work done by the atmosphere (14.7 psia) as a cube of ice
2.00 inches on a side melts into a pool of liquid water. At 32.0 °F, the density of ice is
57.2 lbm ft
and that of liquid water is
62.4 lbm ft .
Determine the heat transfer rate, in
required to cool a 200. kW electric generator that is
driven by a 300. hp diesel engine. Note: The generator will run cool if it has a zero net energy
transport rate.

A piston-cylinder arrangement contains 0.05 m
of air at 70 C and 500 kPa. Heat is added in
the amount of 75 kJ and work is done by a paddle-wheel until the temperature reaches 500 
C. If the pressure is held constant (hint) how much paddle-wheel work must be added to the
air? Assume constant specific heats.
The pressure in an isochoric automobile tire increases from 40.0 psia at 80.0 °F to 50.0 psia
on a trip during hot weather. Assume the air behaves as an ideal gas. a) What was the air
temperature inside the tire at the end of the trip. b) How much heat was absorbed per unit
mass of air in the tire during the trip?
Exactly 1.73 kg of water vapor is contained in a piston–cylinder assembly at a pressure of
1.00 MPa and temperature 600. °C. The vapor is isothermally compressed to 80.0 MPa.
Determine the sum of the work and heat energy transports in this process.
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