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What is manufacturing management? Explain the contribution made by Henry Ford, Deming, Crosby and Taguchi in the development of production management.
Steam at 7 bar , dryness 0.9 , expands in a piston cylinder assembly at constant pressure until the temperature is 200 C . CALCULATE THE WORK DONE AND HEAT SUPPLIED PER KG OF STEAM DURING THE PROCESS
An ideal Diesel engine has a compression ratio
of 20 and uses air as the working fluid. The state of the air
at the beginning of the compression process is 95 kPa and
20oC. If the maximum temperature in the cycle is not to
exceed 2200 K, determine
• The thermal efficiency.
Use constant specific heats at room temperature.
An ideal Diesel cycle has a compression
ratio of 20 and cut off ratio of 1.3. Determine the
maximum temperature of the air and the rate of heat
addition to this cycle when it produces 250 kW of
power. The air is at 90 kPa and 15oC at the end of the
suction stroke
The compression ratio of an air-standard Otto cycle is
9.5. Prior to the isentropic compression process, the air is at 100
kPa, 35oC, and 600 cm3
. The temperature at the end of isentropic
expansion process is 800 K. Using specific heat values at room
temperature, determine (a) the highest temperature and
pressure in the cycle; (b) the amount of heat transferred; (c) the
thermal efficiency.
An ideal Otto cycle has a compression ratio of 8 and takes
in air at 95 kPa and 15oC, and the maximum cycle temperature is
1200oC. Determine the heat transferred to and rejected from this
cycle, as well as the cycle’s thermal efficiency.
An ideal Otto cycle has a compression ratio of 10.5, takes in
air at 90 kPa and 40oC, and is repeated 2500 times per minute. Using
constant specific heats at room temperature, determine the thermal
efficiency of this cycle and the rate of heat input if the cycle is to
produce 90 kW of power.
In a curvilinear motion particle P moves along the fixed path 9y=x^2,where x and y are expressed in cm.At any instant t, the x coordinate of P is given by x=t^2-14t.Determine y component of velocity and acceleration of P when t=15 sec?
A series circuit consists of a resistance of 4 ohms, an inductance of 500mH and a variable capacitance connected across a 100V,50Hz supply. Calculate the capacitance require to produce a series resonance condition and the voltage generated across both the inductor and the capacitor at the point of resistance.
Refrigerant-134a enters the evaporator coils placed at the back of the
freezer section of a household refrigerator at 120 kPa with a quality of 20
percent and leaves at 100 kPa and -20°C. If the compressor consumes
450W of power and the COP the refrigerator is 1.2, determine (a) the mass
flow rate of the refrigerant and (b) the rate of heat rejected to the kitchen
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