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. If 60,000 kg of whole milk containing 4% fat is to be separated in a 6 hour period into skim milk with 0.4% fat and cream with 35% fat, what are the flow rates of the two output streams from a continuous centrifuge which accomplishes this separation? Basis: 1 hour's flow of whole milk.
Producer gas analyzing 25.3% CO, 13.2% H2, 0.4% CH4, 5.4% CO2, 0.5%O2, and 55.2% N2 is burned in excess air at 25°C,245 torrs and 60%RH.Partial orsat analysis of the stack gas shows 16.3% CO2, 1.79%CO and 0.72% H2. Calculate: A. Percent Excess Air B. Complete Orsat Analysis Of The Stack Gas .
A pure saturated hydrocarbon is burned in excess air.Air is supplied at the rate of 284.14 cubic meter per kilogram mole of the hydrocarbon.Air enters at 30 degree celcius , 1 atm and saturated with water vapor.Partial orsat analysis of the stack gas shows 8.86% CO2 and 1.3% CO.Calculate a. %excess air b.Formula of the hydrocarbon c.Complete orsat analysis of the stack gas
A mixture of saturated hydrocarbon and N2 us burned in excess air supplied at 25°C, 740 torrs with 90% RH. An orsat analysis of the stack gas shows 7.6% CO2, 2.28% CO, 1.14% H2, 6.03% O2 and 82.95% N2. With a dew point of 53.46°C. The stack gases leave at 300°C, 765 mmHg with a volume ratio of 2.049 m3 wet stack gas/m3 wet air. a. The settling formula of hydrocarbon is? b. The % volume of the hydrocarbon in the fuel is about? c. The % excess air is about?
A German fuel blend called Reichkraftskoff is made up of 50% motor benzole (75% benzene, 15% toluene, 10% xylene), 25% tetralin (C10H12) and 25% industrial alcohol (80% ethanol, 20% methanol). After combustion in excess air, a stack gas containing 9.13% CO2 and 1.83% CO is obtained. The % exess air is about The % O2 in the dry stack gas is about
The value of the second ionisation energy of calcium is 1150KJ.mol-1 Which equation correctly represent this statement? A. Ca^+(g) = Ca^2+(g) + e^- Delta = +1150KJ.mol-1 B. Ca(g) = Ca^2+(g) + 2^e^- Delta = +1150KJ.mol-1 C. Ca^+(g) = Ca^2+(g) + e^- Delta = -1150KJ.mol-1 D. Ca(g) = Ca^2+(g) + 2e^- Delta = -1150KJ.mol-1
When copper os extracted from its ore, the metal is not pure enough for electrical uses. The impure copper, which contains small amount of silver and gold, is purified by electrolysis. During this process, a "sludge" forms beneath the anode, which is found to contain silver and traces of Gold. Why is the silver found in this sludge? A. Silver reacts with electrolyte to form an insoluble sulphate salt. B. Silver is more dense than copper and falls off the cathode C. Silver reacts with electrolyte to form an insoluble chloride salt D. Silver is less electropositive than copper
Cuprammonium ion [Cu(NH3)4]^2+ is? A. Square planar B. Tetrahedral C. Octahedral D. Triangular bipyramidal
Which one of the following has square planar geometry? A. [Ag(NH3)2]^+ B. [Cu(en)2]^2+ C. [MnCl4]^2- D. [Ni(CO)4]
In the complex compound K4[Ni(CN)4], what is the oxidation state of nickel? A. -1 B. 0 C. +1 D. +2
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