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A 251.0 g/hr stream of liquid methyl alcohol, also called methanol, (CH3OH) at 9.00 atm and 28.0°C was held at constant pressure, vaporized and brought to 585.0°C. At what rate must heat be supplied to this system? Assume that methyl alcohol vapor behaves ideally for the temperature range and pressure given.
Calculate the heat that must be removed in cooling 1kgmol of O2 from 480K to 300K using Cp data given below
Cpo2 = 26.01+ 11.76 x 10^ -3 T - 2.35 X 10^-6T2
Oxygen, at 200 bar is to be stored in a steel vessel at 20 OC. The capacity of the vessel is 0.04 m3.
Calculate the mass of oxygen that can be stored in the vessel. The vessel is protected against excessive pressure by a fusible plug which will melt if the temperature rises too high.
At what temperature must the plug melt to limit the pressure in the vessel to 240 bar?
Glucose is converted to ethanol in an anaerobic reaction with ammonia as the nitrogen source.0.45 g of ethanol are produced per g of glucose consumed. The steady state production rate of ethanol averages 0.4 kg hr -1.

The general equation for the reaction is
C6H12O6 + bNH3 cCH1.75O0.58N0.18 + dCO2 + e H2O + fC2H6O

Balance the equation for the reaction and determine how many moles of glucose and ammonia are consumed, and moles of ethanol are produced, in a one hour period.
Air (ideal and perfect gas) with mass of 8.000kg is heated at constant pressure of 9.000mbar (gage) from -20.810C to 179.148C. Determine the heat required in MJ, and the change of the system volume (ΔV= V2-V1).
Evaluate the volume occupied by 7.000 kg of air at a gage ressure of 623 kPa and a temperature of 686 C. Calculate air density undet the same conditions.
Air (ideal gas) with mass of 12kg expands polytropically ( n=1.11) in a closed system from 515 C to 10 C . Find the work and the heat exhanged with the surroundings.
how many mols of HCl are required to fully react with 150 g of C to ( A H )2​ ?
Good morning. I have a question about gas flow.
Assuming that there are two different systems 1 and 2, system 1 and 2 interact through a small hole. If system 2 pressure is higher, we ask if there is a hydrodynamic formula or other scientific formula that explains how the gas flow is in the hole.
[For example, the flow of gas when a small hole is formed in a sealed bag containing air]
※ The gas in system 1 and 2 is air.
Examine the following double pipe heat exchanger. Water flowing at 5000 kg/hr is to be heated from 20 C to 35 C by using hot water from another source at 100 C. If the temperature drop of the hot water is not to exceed 15 C, how much tube length is needed in a parallel flow arrangement if a nominal 3 inch outer pipe and nominal 2 inch inner pipe are used. Assume teh inner pipe wall thickness is 1/8 inch carbon steel with thermal conductivity k = 54 W/mK. If the heat exchanger is to be composed of 1.25 m U-tubes connected in series, how many will be required. Also, determine the pressure drop for each fluid stream. The heat exchanger is insulated to prevent losses, and the hot water flows in the in the annulus while the cold water which is to be heated flows in the in inner pipe.
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