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We wish to model the blood type of a person. It is known that blood type is
inherited. If both parents carry genes for the AS and AS blood types, each
child has probability 0.3 of getting two S genes and so of having blood type
SS. Different children inherit independently of each other.
a) Write a Matlab program to determine the probability that the first child
these parents have with type SS blood is their fifth child (CR;9)
b) In relation to the three classifications of mathematical models, discuss the
given genetic modelling problem in 2(a)


Question 1

A piezoelectric accelerometer has a damping ratio of 0.65, a proof mass of 0.5 grams, and a spring rate of 10,000 N/mm. What is the damped natural frequency in hz of this device? (Type in an integer)

Hint: Make sure your units of measure are consistent first, then use the formulae to calculate the natural and damped natural frequencies.

In a class, there are 10 chairs and 10 desks. However the number of students are 15. Explain in two ways the teacher can allocate the few chairs
Banking, in its crude form, is an age-old phenomenon. It was in existence even in ancient times. In India, the references to money-lending business are found in the Manu Smriti also. But, in India, modern banking started when the English agency houses in Calcutta and Mumbai began to serve as bankers to the East India Company and the Hindustan Bank was the first banking institution of its kind to be established in 1779. Now days, a bank's business is, in a very special sense, a balancing of assets and liabilities. Loans are the children of deposits and deposits are the children loans. Comment
a newly drilled well is producing at a rate of 500 stb a day, from a formation with an initial pressure of 3,258 permiability 848 md a porosity of 259i. thickness 42 ft, a total compressability 1.6x10

A vessel with a volume of 0.03 m3 contains saturated vapor at a pressure of 17 bar. Determine the mass of the vapor and having found the mass value, determine the enthalpy value and also explain why X (quality) = 1

A vessel with a volume of 0.03 m3 contains saturated vapor at a pressure of 17 bar. Determine the mass of the vapor and having found the mass value, what is the enthalpy? and also explain why X (quality) = 1
Ball thrown vertically from 12 m level in elevator
shaft with initial velocity of 18 m/s. At same
instant, open-platform elevator passes 5 m level
moving upward at 2 m/s.
Determine (a) when and where ball hits elevator and
(b) relative velocity of ball and elevator at contact.
Question 7
Your boss is a biologist who needs wood samples from long-leaf pine trees with a fungal disease which is only visible under a microscope, and she sends you on an assignment to collect the samples. She wants at least 50 different diseased samples. She tells you that approximately 28% of long-leaf pine trees currently have the fungal disease. If you sample 160 long-leaf pine trees at random, what is the probability you’ll have at least 50 diseased samples to return to your boss? (Use the normal approximation to calculate this probability and chose the closest answer to the question.)
Write a comparative study between substitutional impurity, screw
dislocation and grain boundaries. Explain why and how they are
created, how they affect the material properties, and if they can be
controlled and put into use.
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