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Discuss which has a small moment of inertia relative to its center of mass between a metal disc and a metal ring. Support your answer with a relevant example.

A particle of mass m moving at 5.0m/s in the positive x direction makes a glancing elastic collision with a particle of mass 2m that is at rest before the collision. After the collision, m moves off at an angle of 450 to the x axis and 2m moves off 600 to the x axis. Calculate the speed of m after the collision.  

The Philip Morris Companies has been testing a microelectronic cigarette holder that eliminates all smoke except that exhaled by the smoker. Battery powered, it is expected to cost about $50. The result of years of research, it cost approximately $200 to develop.

Tentatively called the Accord, the device uses cigarettes that are 62 millimeters long (compared with the standard 85 millimeters). Users will have to remember to recharge the Accord’s battery (a 30 minute process, but extra batteries can be purchased). A cigarette is inserted into the 4-inch long, 1 ½-inch wide device. A microchip senses when the cigarette is puffed and transmits powers to eight heating blades. A display shows the remaining battery charge and indicates how many puffs are left in the eight-puff cigarette. The device also contains a catalytic converter that burns off residues.

Supporters of this product say it will be welcomed by smokers who currently refrain from smoking in their homes or cars for the sake of non-smoking family members, guests, and passengers. Although smokers will inhale the same amount of tar and nicotine as from conventional "ultralight" cigarettes, 90 percent of second-hand smoke will be eliminated. Furthermore, the same smoking restriction rules in public places will apply to the device.

Critics claim that the Accord will simply reinforce addition to cigarettes. Richard A. Daynard, chair of the Tobacco Products Liability Project at Boston’s Northeastern University School of Law, an anti-tobacco organization, asks: "Who would use an expensive and cumbersome thing like this if they weren’t hooked? There is something grim and desperate about it. This is hardly the Marlboro Man, getting on his horse and checking the battery." He also expresses concern that children might be encouraged to smoke, since the Accord would enable them to hide smoking from their parents. However, Philip Morris replies that the device has a locking device for parents.



Imagine that it is several years ago and you have just received your engineering degree. You are in search of your first job. You are invited to interview with a research division of Philip Morris that is about to begin research to develop the Accord. Would you have any reservations about accepting such a position? Discuss.

2-If you would have some reservations, would the fact that this job pays $10,000 more a year than any other offer you have convince you to take the Philip Morris offer?

3-Assuming you took the job, what kinds of ethical concerns might you have about how the device should be designed? (E.g., would you agree that it should have a locking

a.       In a test, a certain single-cylinder 4-stroke engine develops a mean effective pressure of 5 bar at a speed of 3000 rev/min. The length of the engine stroke is 0.12 m and the cross-sectional area of the cylinder bore is 0.008 m Calculate the indicated power of the engine in kW.                                                                                                                          (5)

b.      A 4-cylinder, 4-stroke engine develops an indicated mean effective pressure of 8 bar at 2800 rev/min. The cross-sectional area of the cylinder bore is 0.01 m2 and the length of the stroke is 150 mm. Calculate the indicated power of the engine in kW.                                                                                                                                                                                    (5)



a.       A certain engine develops a brake power of 120 kW at a speed of 3000 rev/min. At this speed, the indicated power is 140 kW. Calculate the mechanical efficiency of the engine at this speed.                                                  (5)

b.      The data in Table 14.8 shows the results of a Morse test conducted on a 4-cylinder engine. Calculate the indicated power and the mechanical efficiency of the engine.  Table 14.8 Results of a Morse test conducted on a 4-cylinder engine


Cylinder                                 None                     No. 1                     No. 2                       No. 3                  No. 4


bp (kW)                                    25                              17                         16                             18                         16


* Run Each model in Arena for 48 hrs

A telephone cabin placed in John Kennedy street, one user arrives each tria(3,6,9) min.

the cabin is occupied for expo (5) min. Build a model for this scenario and find the

following requirements:

1- The total number of users left the model

2- Average waiting time and average number in the queue.

3- Maximum WIP

Change entity picture to man.

B) Change cabin process time in scenario (A) to expo (7) min, and find all requirements.

C) Change time between arrivals in scenario (A) to tria (5, 7, 9), and find all requirements.

D) In scenario (A), assign 2 cabins to the simulation model, and find all the requirements.

Error analysis of trapezoidal,simpsons 1/3rd and 3/8th rule.

. Make brief notes (not more than one page) on constrained optimisation and Lagrange multiplier focusing on the method of multiplier for inequality constrained problems.

Reflection: (Any answer and self opinion)
Could you see yourself as a consulting engineer? Which of them appeals to you?
Analysis? Design? Test? Development? Sales? Research? Could you see yourself in management? Could you see yourself as a consulting engineer? How about being an engineering professor or entrepreneur?
In a market with Pd = 150 – 3 Qd and Ps = 50 + Qs , the government has regulated maximum of 20 units and is concerned if this move was maybe a little too harsh, especially if the deadweight loss to consumers (voters) is greater than the deadweight loss to producers
C) calculate the turning points of the function using differential calculus and show which are maxima, minima or points of inflexion by using the second derivative.
Compare your results with parts b and c
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