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The Fastline panel has the following data:

Overheads: £18,000

Fixed cost tooling: £2,000

Variable cost per unit: £18

The director of manufacturing requires you to produce an analysis for production volumes in the range of 100 to 1400 per month.

(a)​Based on a selling price of £40, construct a break-even chart and use this to find the break-even volume.

(b)​Investigate the effect of increasing the selling price to £45.

(c)​It is decided to fix the production level at 1000 units a month with each unit selling for £45. A few weeks later Microtronics receives an enquiry from a new customer. This is a DIY store and it wants to place a trial order of 500 units but at the 

non-negotiable price of £35 per unit. Should the company accept the order given that the average cost per unit based on a 1000 units a month run is £38?

People living nearby have specific concerns about two operations carried out at the factory:

■ Stamping, which is a noisy process

■ Plating, which uses cyanide and is therefore perceived as a deadly process by some residents. 

The company has decided to make a presentation to the local residents association explaining how it complies with legislation and demonstrating its good ‘green credentials’, particularly in respect of discharging waste water from the onsite treatment plant into a nearby culvert which runs down to a river. 

Make a list of generic constraints that impact on engineering businesses.

With respect to the two main concerns of residents (Stamping and Plating), identify the key pieces of legislation which could apply here.

5. What is meant by the current description of the global economy that “time and distance have been compressed”? Do you agree? What has been the impact of this compression? ​​    10

NB: Please check plagiarism and required marks is 10 marks

Type the correct answer in the box. Spell all words correctly.

Where can Jill get a sample contract to help her write the terms of a new contract?

Jill is an architect at a construction firm. Next month she is going to begin her work on a new project. However, she does not know what terms to include in the contract with the owner. So, she decides to get contract sample from to help her draft the contract.

. A bicycle has wheels with a diameter of 42cm.

The bicycle is ridden in a straight line at a constant speed. The wheel makes 250

revolutions per minute.

What is the speed of the bicycle in kilometres per hour?

⦁ Differentiate Brute force and divide and conquer with an example

⦁ Write the algorithm for the convex hull problem using the divide and conquer technique and its time complexity.

Solve the following recurrence relation using recurrence tree and iteration methods

T(n) = T(n-1) + n

A frictionless piston-cylinder device contains 8 kg of superheated water vapor at 500 kPa and 300oC. Steam is now cooled at constant pressure until 70 percent of it, by mass condenses. Determine the work done and heat transfer during this process.

Describe slip and voltages regulation.

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