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. Mary and Raj are the only two growers who provide organically grown corn to a local grocery store.
They know that if they cooperated and produced less corn, they could raise the price of the corn. If they
work independently, they will each earn $100. If they decide to work together and both lower their output,
they can each earn $150. If one person lowers output and the other does not, the person who lowers output
will earn $0 and the other person will capture the entire market and will earn $200.
Now you are required to answer the below questions: [8 Marks]
a. Find out the payoff matrix between Raj and Mary? (A = Work independently; B =
Cooperate and Lower Output.)
b. What is the best choice for Raj if he is sure that Mary will cooperate?
c. If Mary thinks Raj will cheat, what should Mary do and why?
d. What is the prisoner’s dilemma result?
e. What is the preferred choice if they could ensure cooperation?
f. Identify the Nash equilibrium of the game, if it exists.
The following successions have been described from outcrop. After carefully reading the summary descriptions, decide what depositional environment each was deposited in:
1) Interbedded wedge-shaped layers of carbonate grainstone to rudstone with thick but laterally restricted bindstones and framestones; geometry is elongate NE-SW, but restricted in the NW-SE directions where grainstones pinch out to carbonate mudstones.
2) Laterally extensive thin layers of sand fining-up into mud, occasional thicker layers appear to be constructed of multiple thin layers amalgamated into one. Each bed has an erosive base, often marked by flute marks or groove marks indicating a generally consistent SE direction of transport.
Propose an LTE system for handover without dropping the calls during inter-LTE, Intra-LTE and inter-RAT handovers
List out the criteria for handover.
What are the detections made before handover?
Mention the important handover parameters.
Specify the event that are triggered out for handover.
Calculate the threshold for triggering event 2 by assuming your own hysteresis and A2 threshold and RSRP.
Write a program to prompt the user for hours and rate per hour using input to compute gross pay. Pay should be the normal rate for hours up to 40 and time-and-a-half for the hourly rate for all hours worked above 40 hours. Put the logic to do the computation of pay in a function called computepay() and use the function to do the computation. The function should return a value. Use 45 hours and a rate of 10.50 per hour to test the program (the pay should be 498.75). You should use input to read a string and float() to convert the string to a number. Do not worry about error checking the user input unless you want to - you can assume the user types numbers properly. Do not name your variable sum or use the sum() function.
For a 4 state HMM with one non-emitting states and given an observation sequence
o1, o2, ..., oT ,
(a) Develop the forward-backward algorithm for HMM with non-emitting states
. The BD-5J is a very small single-seat home-built jet airplane which became available in the early 1970s. The data for the BD-5J are as follows: • Wing span: 17 ft • Wing planform area: 37.8 ft2 • Take-off gross weight: 960 lb • Fuel capacity: 55 gal • Power plant: one French-Built Microturbo TRS 18 turbojet engine with maximum thrust at sea level of 202 lb and a specific fuel consumption of 1.3 lb/(lb.h) • Drag polar of this airplane is provided as:
The mechanical engineer is usually responsible for _ and _ of new machines , devices and ideas
Design an adder circuit using op-amp to satisfy following equation:
 Vo = V1 + 3 V2 + 2 V3 + 2V4 + 4V5
The supply voltage of the op-amp is  13V and output saturation voltage is  12 V.
The circuit should always operate in its linear range. What are the minimum-
maximum voltage values of V1, V2, V3, V4 and V5 when only one of them is
connected to the input at a given time (i.e. other input voltages are zero)? What is the
value of maximum voltage Vi if V1 = V2 = V3 = V4 = V5 = Vi ?)
What metrics would you expect to see have a low value for a stub?
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